INTRODUCING - REbecca turner

Playing Wednesday 21st February 2018 EP LAUNCH

With special support artist - Elly O’Keeffe


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Rebecca Turner


Rebecca is a singer, keyboardist and composer from London. She is a classically trained pianist and has been playing and writing music for many years. She composes songs about love, loss and societal issues and critics have compared her to Carole King because of her piano and writing skills.  She is also a session musician and has played with many well-known artists over her long musical career, including Wendell Richardson of Osibisa, Nick Simper of Deep Purple, Peter Parkes of Warhorse, James Royal, and Howard Tibble of Shakin' Stevens Band. She has collaborated and written songs recently with Andrani Samuel, wife of Fuzz Samuel of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. 


Two years ago, Rebecca recorded an album with Wendell Richardson and guitarist Bob Thomson entitled 'Global Soundbite' by the Digital Interface Band comprising all original songs, which is available from iTunes and CD Baby. She is currently about to play piano for new singing sensation Linah London who recently sang at the O2 Arena, for the 'Reload' sessions on YouTube which typically attracts an estimated internet audience of 70,000 people. 


Rebecca has been signed with The Animal Farm label since September and her new single 'Spirit' will be released on digital platforms worldwide in February 2018. 



PLAYING Saturday 10th March DAYTIME GIG 2pm




North Cape Lights is an indie rock band, now playing in the UK, who has just release its new abum "I don't know where Daria is from". It has had already excellent reviews and feedbacks by fans and critique. They have played shows in important venues like The Spice Of Spice and Cafe 1001 in London. NCL are are usually compared to bands like Editors, Interpol, White Lies and Oasis as well, because of their Brit-rock sound from the early '90s with some kind of post punk taste. Their name come from an experience the singer had travelling across Nothern Europe, where he took the inspiration for many tunes. 

Who is in the band (breakdown of band members)

Giovanni (voice, guitar), Andrea (Drums), Alberto (Bass)

When you formed/started playing music

Giovanni started writing songs more than 10 years ago, but North Cape Lights have been formed in 2015.  

Where you’re based

Part of the band is form Italy, part lives in London.

Details of releases so far

New Album "I don't know where Daria is from", released in 2016, self produced.


Brit-rock sound from the early '90s with some kind of post punk taste. 

Stand-out achievements


Gigs in London: The Spice of Life; Cafe 1001. 

Official website:

Do you have an interesting back-story? 

Their name comes from an experience the singer had, while travelling across Northern Europe. Some songs are soaked by this experience too, but the singular thing is that many of these songs were written before the singer made that trip. He has always been attracted by the atmospheres that those places transmit, and he composed on the basis of his imagination and of some pictures. The journey has done nothing but strengthen an idea and a state of mind that, probably, were already in his mind, and that from that experience were fed. Probably it has to do with introspection and inner research. We have always felt that the cold and somewhat gloomy places would help these activities. And perhaps these were the reasons why we were attracted to them and that strongly inspired us in those years.

 Good quotes from reviewers & links to coverage

"North Cape Lights is a two-sided medal: on one side there is introspective research. On the other side, a self deprecating cue, not to take them selves too seriously".
( -

"Snappy indie rock with a nod to the late 90’s indie scene, Editors, early Muse, nicely melodic with hooks-aplenty". 
(B.B. Bookings, London) 

"Eight intense songs that warm the atmosphere by proposing a mix of energetic scenarios, mixed with more melodic solutions, all well blended with a warm and full-bodied vocal line, being able to juggle excellently according to the tracks that are going to listen". 
(Soundgood Webzine -



PLAYING Wednesday 14th March 2018






Who is in the band

Phil Loomes - Guitar & Vocals

Alfie Wilcox - Drums & Vocals

Tito Bettencourt - Bass & Vocals

Chris B - Guitar


When you formed/started playing music

Phil and Alfie formed Neverwill in early 2017. Later on they found Tito to play bass and Chris arrived shortly after as another guitarist. 


Where you’re based

We are based in South London.


Details of releases so far – 


We have released a 5 track E.P called "Better Days Will Come" which can be found on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. (Links Below)


Influences – 


As a four-piece, We have mixed influencers: Skindred, System of A Down, Foo Fighters, Placebo


Stand-out achievements – airplay, blog/press coverage, festival slots, great gigs & support slots, award nominations or namechecks


Our EP "Better Days Will Come" was self mixed/edited/produced by drummer Alfie Wilcox.


Do you have an interesting back-story? 


Phil and Alfie knew each other from school days. They tried to start something back then. They found people but it just never took off. After, everyone went their separate ways and that was that. Years Later, Phil and Alfie saw each other at a train station one morning while heading to work and were both in the same area. They arranged a few jam sessions and it became a weekly thing. They were writing their own material. Instead of playing covers, they decided to work hard on perfecting their sound. Once they found Tito and Chris, they knew they were getting somewhere and now here we are.


Good quotes from reviewers & links to coverage


We received a shout out from "The Grunge Resurrection" on Facebook.

On the 8th January 2018 @ 21:55, they said:


Neverwill is a brand new band from London, that was formed in late 2017 and plays a dirty fusion of grunge and blues rock. They released yesterday their debut EP "Better Days Will Come". Reminds you of the early Black Keys with some good, gritty 90's alternative rock.