THURSDAY 20th june 2019

ABQ is a N. Irish rock band from Belfast

ABQ are an Indie Rock four piece hailing from Belfast but currently based in London. They are fronted by Paul Shevlin, winner of the BPI / BRIT sponsored ‘Next Brit Thing’ who provides a distinctive and memorable vocal for this impassioned young band. 

Following their well-received debut single ‘Takes So Long’ in 2018 they have recently been focused on building a catalogue of anthemic singles to be released throughout in 2019. They have worked with a number of high profile producers and writers including Ben Langmaid (La Roux), Alex Davies (Elliot / Minor Frances / Kodaline) and Ben Mark (Mark Owen / Take That) amongst others. 

Their highly anticipated single, ‘Edge of the Earth’ was released on 22nd February 2019 on Arnold/Republic of Music. 

‘Edge of the Earth’ is a sing-a-long anthem laden with distinctive distorted bass lines, sparkling guitars and driving drums. It was produced in Stockholm by Mats Valentin (Carpark North / Tiggs Da Author).


Introducing - SYD.31


This unique Mad Max like post apocalyptic metal electropunk band are renowned for their nuclear blast level live performances and take influences from the Misfits by way of Rob Zombie. Their new sound is heavier and more metal than ever before as shown by the lead track 'Bulldoze Everything' from the forthcoming album 'Walk Amongst Rebels' which is garnering incredible reviews.

" This album is nothing short of a masterpiece. Once again, genres have been defied, to create something that, sonically, stands out from absolutely everyone else. Not only that, but the message here is even stronger than before, being massive call that tells us all to wake up to the world around us. It makes the entire experience deeply profound. As I said earlier, the evolution only makes sense, but to just call it that is a massive understatement, it’s more of a revolution. It’s some of the deepest, most poignant material I’ve heard in a long while, and definitely a very strong contender for album of the year.

Final Verdict: A genre-defying revolution that is packed with emotional depth, making it very relatable, and very human. It’s beautifully crafted, and needs to be listened to by everyone."



INTRODUCING - The Devon Worley Band


The Devon Worley Band was forged out of raw talent. Devon’s undeniable ability drew top-tier touring musicians to her side at a very early age. While every other teenage girl was hanging out at the mall snap chatting their boyfriends, Devon’s teenage years were spent paying dues, traveling with her band, and touring relentlessly across the heartland; playing just about every bar, fair and festival in the grain belt.

Now in her early 20’s, Devon Worley and her band have taken the Midwest music scene by storm and are garnering critical acclaim and national attention. Their latest full length album “The Sunrise Resistance” has caught the attention of not only country music fans nationwide, but also Nashville insiders eager to see more of the band’s no-rules writing style.

Riding their own raw edge of country and rock, this band is turning heads and making waves, while bringing a brand new attitude to country music. From their songwriting style to their studio recordings, the girl and her band are forging their own unique path. However, their true love is the stage. Their passion for the live show, the audience and their fans is evident; and their talent undeniable.