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Slave Steel

Slave Steel


Slave Steel are a 4 piece Thrash/Death-Metal band based in Leytonstone, London.
From 2008 in Rome, The band went throughout several changes which leads to its current line up and over the years, they played all around Italy. Following their Italian tour they performed in Hollywood LA, California in 2013. They completed the work on the concept with new tracks to achieve their debut album that was recorded, mixed and mastered at Outer Sound Studios (Rome) by Giuseppe Orlando and Alfonso Corace; named “Entanglement” and self-released in 2014. After moving to London, in middle 2015 the band has performed tracks from the album during the shows made in the city. In December Slave Steel played in Rome with E-Force (Eric Forrest ex Voivod) and in 2016 they performed in the “Metal 2 The Masses London” reaching the Grand Final and achieving the sponsor award Very Metal Art. During the end of the year they headlined one of the stages at Red Roar Festival 2016 and they published with Very Metal Art, the lyric video for the single “Fat Sunday’s Tale”, available in their YouTube channel.

1. What does your band name translate to and how did you come up with it?
- when we formed the band, we didn’t want to have a proper concept name, instead we preferred to express a stark contrast with two antithetical words. Actually, the idea started from the latin grapheme “S”, as a dual complementarity; a linear axis gleaming in it-self. Essentially, the movement.

 2. How and when did you form as a band?
The project started in Rome, 2008, in a very natural way, a direct consequence of our "playing together", all that evolved as we grew up. We wrote a lot of music during the years, but from the first gig with this line-up in 2011, everything changed. After moving to London in 2014, Slave Steel had a further mutation, also due to a completely different music environment: we adapted quite fast and we must say we love it!  So, we had more than one inception as a metal band…

3. Has anything gone wrong on stage that has stuck with you? For example, anything particularly embarrassing/awkward?
There’s always something wrong on stage, even if a small detail: the amp head could stop working, a string snaps off and any kind of technical hassle.
During Metal 2 The Masses 2015, Rick's double bass pedal got broken in the middle of the set. He had to rearrange all our fast beats as single bass pedal, instantly, and it worked: we went through the semifinals, it was an heroic night.
But what seems to be quite constant and at least hilarious are the dangerous head-banging collisions or hair entangling into guitar’s tuning pegs!

4. What was your reason to start out writing and performing music?
No particular reason, just necessity. A deep passion for music and metal, but also a great friendship unite us. With our music we try to spread our feelings to the public, with the best attitude we can offer(and professionality obviously needed :)
5. Hard question to answer, but where do you want to be in 5 years time?
- 5 years? Headline at Bloodstock! All kidding aside, even the Hellfest would be cool.. Seriously, we want to keep our hard working and increase our targets. Who knows what the time will brings, that’s the most exciting part of life, and music also!




Seattle six piece Good Co is the US's first Electro Swing band.  Combining the sounds of 1920's and 30's jazz with the electronic music of today Good Co uses live horns, vintage samples, and funky beats to create a whole new type of dance party. Since 2013 Good Co has released three albums and has performed throughout the US and Canada, for music festivals, conventions, burlesque performances, and anywhere else they can sneak into

Who is in the band (breakdown of band members)

Carey Rayburn - Trumpet, Vocals

Sasha Nollman - Vocals

Jacob Sele - Keys, Laptop

Dune Butler - Bass, Keys

Michael Conklin - Sax, Clarinet

Joe Eck - Drums


When you formed/started playing music

Good Co first sprang to life in 2012 shortly after a friend introduced bandleader Carey Rayburn to the infectious sounds of Electro Swing coming from the UK and Europe.  A huge fan of both Electronica and early jazz it was like a bolt of lighting for him.  After about a year of experimenting with samples, beats, and live instrumentation Rayburn produced Good Co's first album, 'Electro Swing for the Masses'. Encouraged by the response to the album Rayburn went out and recruited the best musicians he knew to put together the live band.  Ever since they've been spreading the gospel of Electro Swing everywhere they can.

Where you’re based

Seattle, WA

•Details of releases so far – mention if they were released through an independent label

Good Co has released three full albums of Electro Swing, 'Electro Swing for the Masses', 'The Kicker', and 'Big Time Business;, along with an their EP 'From The Top'  a collection of traditional swing songs.



Good Co is influenced by Daft Punk, Fats Waller, Parov Stelar, Cab Calloway, Caravan Palace, and dusty crates of jazz and electronica LPs


Stand-out achievements – airplay, blog/press coverage, festival slots, great gigs & support slots, award nominations or namechecks

Good Co has had the privilege to perform for The Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, The Seattle Symphony, and The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.  Their music has been featured on PBS, Remixed by Bart and Baker, and played on independent radio across the US.


Do you have an interesting back-story? 

Jazz was originally invented for drinking, dancing, and partying, and that's what we aim to do with it!


Good quotes from reviewers & links to coverage

'Incredible performance!  So much talent packed into these guys' - Nightlife Canada

'This is life-affirming dance music' - Sepiachord

'Capture the excitement of the jazz age and rocket launch it a century into the future' - Eugene Weekly

Introducing: PYRA








Feline like a paper cut, Pyra is a musical road movie, the raw emotional drama of her voice in a setting of 60’s inspired violent guitars and drums.


Who is in the band (breakdown of band members)

Pyra is solo artist with a rock’n’roll band 


• Where you’re based

Pyra is a based in Bristol/Bath


• Details of releases so far – mention if they were released through an independent label

Pyra will be releasing tracks throughout 2017 with a planned debut album release in in November. Her demos have been causing a stir and you can hear a video montage of these tracks on her FB page.


• Influences – your musical influences can pique someone’s interest but keep it brief

Pyra loves Nancy Sinatra, The Kills, Lana Del Rey, The Rolling Stones and Alan Ginsberg 


• Stand-out achievements – airplay, blog/press coverage, festival slots, great gigs & support slots, award nominations or


Pyra's recently released demos have instantly received airplay leading to Interviews on BBC Introducing


• Do you have an interesting back-story? This can be compelling and will help you stand out.

It is Pyra’s mission to bring the attitude and raw energy of the great female rock singers of the past to all her performances and recordings. Her fascination of classic horror movies and tragic Hollywood icons informs the music she writes and the videos/visuals she makes. "I became a horror fan at the age of 12 after being left in a room with the 'Halloween' and the 'Saw' franchise. I'm strangely attracted to an alternative reality that contrasts beauty and violence"   


• Good quotes from reviewers & links to coverage


“Bloody hell what a voice – it reaches down your pants while holding your heart before ripping it out thorough your throat”. Stephen Harris, Producer (Dave Matthews, Kodaline, U2, The Keiser Chiefs)


BBC introducing ‘you say we play’