Cheerful miserablists Squibs play English country-tinged psychedelic rock. With band members from various backgrounds in rock, pop and folk, and built around the dark and quirky songs of Dave Webster, Squibs offer something different. Songs of tenderness and rage, from the point of view of outsiders on the edge of life and sanity. 

Who is in the band 

Dave Webster (guitar, vocals) 
Mark Slater (bass, vocals) 
Paul Lamy (keyboards) 
Sean Rayner (drums)

  • When you formed/started playing music

2015: current lineup

  • Where you’re based

South London

  • Details of releases so far – mention if they were released through an independent label

Lucky Stars EP available at

  • Influences – your musical influences 

Velvet Underground, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Prince Billy

  • Stand-out achievements – 

Opened Rock Day at Horsham Music Festival 2017

  • Do you have an interesting back-story? 

Dave woke up one morning and started writing songs out of the blue. He didn't stop for 50 days and since then has formed bands to fulfil his vision. This lineup of Squibs is the best yet.


    Introducing - LOTS HOLLOWAY





    Multi-instrumentalist Lots Holloway is a talented artist who produces, writes and creates all her own infectious and original indie-pop tunes. Holloway's talent for song writing shines through; in clever lyrics, strong melodies and memorable songs - and the music behind the words is always just as powerful. Holloway's music is bursting with inventive synths and weird sounds, based on a foundation of live instruments, with clever layers of freaky and psychedelic noise. Fresh and original, Lots' on stage presence is second to none. Holloway is enchanting and captivating, and fronting a full live band she only becomes more powerful.


    Who is in the band ?

    • Solo artist Lots Holloway, backed by Drums (Boris Massot) Bass (Ken Jones) and guitar (Craig Cole)

    Where you’re based?

    North London, originally from Cornwall

    • Details of releases so far –

    • World’s On Fire, Stay A Little Longer, Slow Down EP (Slow Down, Berry Bones, Love Me, Between You and Me) released on indie label WHY I?

    Influences – 

    • Talking Heads, Blondie, Florence 

    Stand-out achievements –

    • Multiple BBC Introducing plays, BBC Radio6Music plays, Blue Balls Festival 2018, Cornbury Festival 2018, Greenbelt Festival 2018. 

    Quotes from reviewers & links to coverage

    “A true star in the making” Wonderland Magazine

    “a vivid pop newcomer” clash Magazine

    “passion and purpose - Determined to carve out her own path” 

    Belwood Magazine



    92K 11K 21K 


    Lots Holloway


    INTRODUCING - Witchingseason

    PLAYING Thursday 26th April 2018






    Witchingseason are an English hard rock trio, widely known for their dark, hypnotic noise, with songs like ‘Spiders', ‘The Healer', ‘Codeine' and their latest single ’Takes One to Know One'.

    Their debut album; ‘Celosia', attracted critical success, with airplay on BBC Radio 1's Daniel P Carters Rock Show, DBS station Planet Rock and their debut music video on UK's Scuzz TV.

    They are widely known for their energetic and intimidating live performances.  The aggressive rhythm section of Wayne Summers (Drums) and Gary Summers (Bass) sets the tone, and with Tom Reynolds's gruff, passionate vocals and screaming, dirty guitar this has propelled the band into the spotlight, leading to their music being well-received by critics and generating rave reviews for the album.

    Their single; ‘The Healer' showcased the bands macabre and ethereal low-fi sludgy sound, with heavy, impressive, gasoline-drenched guitars and doom sensibilities, teamed with fierce drum beats and stitched together with Reynolds' coarse and captivating vocals.


    More recently Witchingseasons release of their new single ‘Takes One to Know One’ (ahead of this years forthcoming album) has been picked up and played across BBC Introducing and BBC Essex and the band featured on Down The Front Podcast.  Aswell as their upcoming show at the iconic Fiddlers Elbow, Witchingseason made their first appearance at this years OxJam music Festival and will also appearing for the first time at this years Camden Rocks Festival, alongside a stellar lineup.

    BAND MEMBERSTom Reynolds (Vocals, Lead Vocals)

    Wayne Summers (Percussion, Backing Vocals)

    Gary Summers (Bass)


    When you formed/started playing music
    Witchingseason was formed in Essex in 2014 by guitarist/vocalist Tom Reynolds and bassist James R Willians, who then recruited drummer Wayne Summers to form the hard rock trio.  Following the departure of James L Willians in 2015, Jack Turner (formerly of Leogun) joined the band, lending his signature 'weaving bass' into the mix. In 2017, blues bassist Gary Summers joined the group cementing their instantly recognisable sound.

    Where you’re based
    Witchingseason are based in the ICONIC town of Grays Thurrock in Essex.  Thurrock, as everyone knows, is a Saxon name meaning ’the bottom of a ship’  An apt description of the area.

    Details of releases so far –
    Witchingseason released their eponymous EP in 2014 with the smash singles ‘Spiders' and 'False Light’.  This was followed in 2017 with their album ‘Celosia’ - deciding to take a darker turn and bring a unique quality to their evolving sound.  This can be further heard in their latest releases, with tracks produced and mastered by Monster Florence's Tom Donovan, giving their sound a new edge to their already captivating melodies.

    Influences – your musical influences
    They cite their influences as artists such as Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age and Masters of Reality, forging their own grungy, gritty, psychedelia-tinged alt.rock sound.

    Stand-out achievements – airplay, blog/press coverage, festival slots, great gigs & support slots, award nominations or namechecks
    Tom and the Summers’ count amongst their most prized stand-out achievements; having national BBC radio play as an independent artist (Daniel P Carter, BBC Essex ‘House Band’ and BBC Essex Introducing), seeing their first music video on TV, representing London for 1M Europe, playing the prestigious 100 Club and this year playing the OxJam Camden and Camden Rocks Festivals.  But one of the bands personal goals for 2018 was to play Fiddlers Elbow.  When speaking with people who know about this sort of thing; Fiddlers Elbow was constantly mentioned as being ‘The’ place to play….  "If you haven’t played Fiddlers Elbow, you haven’t ‘arrived' on the Camden Scene.”  So for Witchingseason, this is a personal triumph.  We have arrived.

    Do you have an interesting back-story? 
    Wayne is immortal, Gary sells insurance in his spare time and Tom speaks the language of the forest and can communicate with animals.


    Good quotes from reviewers & links to coverage

    “Witchingseason are a young trio from Kent/London who take the influence of artists such as Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Queens of the Stone Age to fashion a grungy, gritty, psychedelia-tinged alt.rock sound.”
    - Classic Rock Magazine

    "The forthcoming album boasts a wealth of rocking talent, gasoline drenched guitars and doom sensibilities which are all beautifully demonstrated in the track 'Celosia' and the hypnotic blues rock of 'Codeine'. 

    Heavy and impressive guitar riffs are teamed with fierce drum beats and all stitched together with Tom Reynolds' coarse and captivating vocals."
    - Metal Talk

    "Witchingseason are a dark alt-rock trio who certainly know how to write music that makes an impression. Not for the faint of heart, their music is a cacophony of heavy guitar riffs, rioutous drums and coarse, melodic vocals that are tailor made for rock audiences to shout right back at the band.

    It's not hard to see how this sound can make an impact, its immediacy speaks for itself and is the reason why not too long ago the band were able to play a huge live show at the prestigious 100 Club in London.
    - Grande Rock

    ‘The Healer’ showcases the bands macabre and ethereal low-fi sludgy sound which echoes the likes of Masters Of Reality and Queens of the Stone Age.
    - Vulturehound

    "Witchingseason are a young trio from Kent/London who take the influence of artists such as Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Queens of the Stone Age to fashion a grungy, gritty, psychedelia-tinged alt.rock sound."
    - TeamRock


    “A band we’ve seen live... captivating + hypnotic”

    - Down The Front Podcast


    "Check out the killer single, The Healer from Witchingseason, what an absolute proper rock banger."
    - Soundsphere