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HARDWICKE CIRCUS - (playing on Monday 10th April 2017)

“Google us and you might learn of an attractive roundabout in the great Cumbria border city of Carlisle”. 
However, this is the loudest roundabout you'll ever come across. 
After taking the turn off the A7 you will probably bump into this 7 piece Rock n' Roll rocking band Hardwicke Circus. Forming roots in the local Bars & Clubs of the town, they come from the loins of train robbers, trained by tai chi masters, cage fighters, hypnotists and pilgrims. All this has provided them with the skillset of spreading the sweet sound of Rhythm and Blues & Social Music throughout the nation.

"This machine kills facists" as the great Woody Guthrie once said of his guitar. And so we intend to keep spreading this message.. Singing about things that are important to us and making sure to dance while we're doing it - and we'll do that till our kingdom comes. So far Our journey has taken us to Glastonbury, the BBC Introducing stages at Reading and Leeds, some raucous nights in London a UK & Ireland tour with Country Acid trailblazers Alabama 3, and now looking forward to support The Boomtown Rats in Belfast and Dublin. 

With plenty of music on it's way to the radio stations and personal pleasure devices, We have made it our mission to play up and down the UK and Ireland and contaminate it with an Almighty Groove.

So now we ask you to look at yourself in the mirror. Look real long and hard and ask yourself this question. "Am I missing something?" The answer is a resounding Yes. God Damn Yes you are! You are missing 7 vociferous Northerners with a truck full of instruments run on a tank full of love. You need to get outside. You need to leave the house. You need to make yourself this promise -

That you will come and join our Circus. You don't need another virtual friend. You don't need to be someone's click-bait. We want you to let go of all that hopelessness, shed your skin like glamorous rattlesnakes and come play with us.
There's no point in a Circus staying inside your head, get out there!




FORFEITS - 'Amy's News & Liquor' 


Our track of the day today comes from the explosive London trio Forfeits and it really is something. Amy's News & Liquor is their first official release and it is punchy, in your face and every bit as wonderful as you would expect from this talented band. They have performed here a few times and are a fascinating live act to behold - when you think you have pinned down their style a curve ball flies at you and hits you in the face. If I had to box their genre (well, quite simply I can't) but Alt/Classic/Hard with tiny slices of Indie rock at times, their sound is refreshing and their abilities as a band endless. Definitely one of the tightest and most exciting three pieces rocking round London right now! Check them out -




Our newest track of the day is from Shrewsbury's Beth Prior with her track 'Green Tea' packed full of Folky Reggae Fuelled Gypsy Soul goodness! It's a very cleverly written track with some good dynamics and harmonies - kick back (preferably with some green tea) and enjoy this chilled out reggae number. Beth's voice fits so perfectly with the track it's refreshing to hear an artist so confident of their own sound and style, the production is spot on and from the first listen you can hear the band are second to none! Beth and her amazing band will be bringing their reggae, soul and folk/pop to our stage on Monday 19th September whatever you do don't miss out!!


Track of the day

Jet black 3 'rain'

Check out this TRACK OF THE DAY from the English Rock Band- Jet Black 3 from the South Coast. As you can hear in this track, the band have a very unique sound which is due to the fact they don't actually have a bass player. The band cleverly rely on a guitar through a normal guitar amp and a bass amp. This produces a rock sounding distorted bottom end as well as a classic guitar tone. Cool right?! We welcome these guys to our stage Sunday 21st August 10.30-11.15pm. Come down and check them out!


Track of the day

Lilith & the killjoys 'don't call me'

Lilith is an alternative rock artist born and raised in Harrow. Don't Call Me is the first song written for her debut EP 'Total Harmonic Distortion' which she wrote and recorded in her bedroom! Lilith has a live band that have been performing songs from the EP in and around London for the past few months. This band are known as Lilith & The Killjoys. Check out their Facebook and go along and watch them perform sometime!


track of the day 

the blinding lights 'those nights'

performing here friday 12th august

Today's TRACK OF THE DAY is from London based rock and roll band THE BLINDING LIGHTS. We are excited to be joined by these guys here on our stage on Friday 12th August at 9.20-10pm. Check out their track 'Those Nights' and come and join us down here at Fiddler's Elbow on Friday! 



ghum 'THE WINDOW' 

Performing here Wednesday 10th august

Today's TRACK OF THE DAY comes from London based band GHUM. They are performing on our stage Wednesday 10th August at 8-8.40pm. Come along and join us get our groove on to the sound of some of the best atmospheric dark pop music performed by GHUM! Check out the track 'The Window' by clicking on the play button above! 




THE DRAINZ 'Killing Me to know'

      PERFORMING HERE saturday 6th august


Our most recent TRACK OF THE DAY comes from Portsmouth based band THE DRAINZ. These guys are performing for us on August 6th and it promises to be packed full of aggressive shoe gaze with a delicious layer of weird noises, we simply can't wait! Take a few minutes and listen to 'Killing Me To Know' punchy guitar mixed with some reverb soaked vocals, nice solos, off-beat drums everything a good track should have!




      performing here 14th july

*TRACK OF THE DAY* for TUESDAY 12TH JULY comes from the amazing HUME with their percussive soul inspired single 'In Between'. HUME are a three piece band located in Buckinghamshire based around singer songwriter/ Jazz alternative roots catch them here on Thursday 14th July as our headliners at 10:30pm! But first definitely have a listen to their track 'In Between'  -