HARDCORE/METAL - Bloody English + Devoted Defiance + HAWXX + Leo and the Bear

HARDCORE/METAL - Bloody English + Devoted Defiance + HAWXX + Leo and the Bear


Formed in 2016, Bloody English are a 5-piece hailing from London, England. Noisy rock and roll, spiked with nods to punk and metal and accompanied by lyrics about love, death and the end of the world.

HAWXX are Anna, Hannah, Sian and Iman. We’re based in London, our names rhyme and we’re into things like funny voices, feminism, booze, Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood and Skunk Anansie. 

HAWXX make music about getting sacked from your job, the deterioration of the NHS, how love can be a mighty bitch, and giving the finger to institutionalised religion.

As experienced session musicians and with Hannah’s background in engineering, we write, record and mix our own demos. We are currently gigging, building a presence and have an exciting EP waiting to drop. 

Expect phat grooves, catchy lyrics, soaring guitar riffs, intricate harmonies and walls of sound to break down barriers and bring people together.

ROCK - Night Thieves + Glass Head + The Long Faces

ROCK - Night Thieves + Glass Head + The Long Faces

A great night out again at The Fidds! Only £5 OTD, catch some seriously good live music!


We are a 5 piece psychedelic rock band
Tom Lane on vocals
Dan Ball on drums
Halden Cooke on guitar
Duy phimasset on guitar
Kristina Rhodes on bass

Goldust + TM69 + Glue Men + Guests

Goldust + TM69 + Glue Men + Guests

The weekend starts here folks! Get your live music kicks at Londons favourite venue. 7.30pm start and only £5 OTD. You can stay for the Indie Club night afterwards which runs until 1am.

Goldust are a 4 piece rock outfit hailing from London. Formed in late 2015, due to great chemistry it didn't take long for them to find their sound. With powerhouse riffs, groovy basslines, hard hitting drums and rockin' vocals, Goldust have been making waves in the London music scene.

TM69 are a pop punk band from South London, England. On a mission to restore pop punk back to its glory days. Starting as a 3 piece in mid 2017 and later that year transitioning to a 4 piece for that bigger sound. With the line up completed TM69 came bursting onto the scene in early 2018, the band recorded an EP (Ignite) which is available on all major online music stores. The beer and pizza loving foursome have played some of London’s most famous venues, including The Fiddlers Elbow, Nambucca, The Unicorn and The Waterrats to name a few. TM69 are in their element when on stage, ensuring that everyone in the crowd gets involved and is having the best possible time. Plans for a new EP in summer 2018 were upgraded to a 10 track album for late 2018, alongside a winter tour to follow. TM69 will have you blowing the dust off your old vans, growing out your fringe again & putting your best old school band t-shirts back on. Pop punk is not dead! Not while TM69 are around... 

Glue Men are a Grunge, Rock,Punk, Blues band hailing from South East London.

Gritty spoken word over hard-hitting beats and riffs. The band have 2 releases under their belt [The Happy Grotesque LP & The Doldrums EP] with the third release on its way and a line up of gigs set for 2018 to support it.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gluemenband

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gluemen/

Des Was a Bowie Fan: Edwyn Collins Birthday Special at Fiddler's

Des Was a Bowie Fan: Edwyn Collins Birthday Special at Fiddler's

Here's the next Des Was A Bowie Fan in Camden's Chalk Farm - indiepop, new wave, post-punk and Northern Soul till 2am on Edwyn Collins' birthday weekend. Dancing, drinking, screwing, falling and laughing amidst the Pop artefacts and vinyl at Ye Olde Fiddler's Elbow, a heroic pub venue on the corner of sleepy Malden Road.

Edwyn's band Orange Juice grew hits on trees, crafting a post-punk sound brimming with soul and joy that stretched over four LPs and a multitude of singles in the early-to-mid eighties. But of course he hit the chart heights after this with the simmering 'A Girl Like You' reaching the Top Ten and the Pop stars, making him a legend in a million more hearts. His 59th birthday is as good an excuse as any to drink up and celebrate this.

Expect pearling dancefloor shots from 1982's 'You Can't Hide Your Love Forever' to '84's 'The Orange Juice', through his solo nuggets and stuff around the edges, like his and Mark E. Smith's minor disco classic 'Seventies Night', in amongst the usual mix.

Weirdsville - The Courettes, Oh! Gunquit, DJs Mr A & Miss A

Weirdsville - The Courettes, Oh! Gunquit, DJs Mr A & Miss A

The Courettes * (Denmark/Brazil)
Oh!Gunquit *
DJs Mr A & Miss A (Weirdsville)
Saturday 25th August 8pm till 2am
Fiddler's Elbow - Camden
£7.50 Prebook www.wegottickets.com/event/441484
£9 Door

THE COURETTES (Denmak/Brazil)
"WHAAAAUW! The Courettes is the garage duo sensation from Brazil and Denmark! It's savage! It's dynamic!

After the blasting debut album “Here are the Courettes” - critically acclaimed on the garage scene all around Europe.

Flavia Couri (Vox, Guitar) and Martin Couri (Drums, Vox) in their short career have delivered their full-speed energetic performances in festivals like Cosmic Trip (France), Reeperbahn and Garageville (Germany), Franklin Fest (UK), SPOT, Gutter Island, Distortion, Copenhagen Psych Fest and Beat Circus (Denmark) and also rocked the stages in Finland, Spain, Sweden and Brazil and have received praising from some of the most important music journalists of the world like David Fricke (Rolling Stone) and Kieron Tyler (Mojo).

Oh! Gunquit are a London based 5-piece Rumble-Bop, Freakabilly Band who concoct a brew of Raw R&R, Wild GarageRock, and Twisted Surf-Punk. The nucleus of the band started in 2010 after Tina (Vocals/Trumpet) & Simon (Guitar/Vocals) became neighbours and frequenting the same sweaty cellar dance nights around town.

They formed the band around the idea of creating a vibrant blend of new-wave vicious Psych-Surf, Garage-Punk, Exotica & RocknRoll. Oh! Gunquit are named in part to a town in Maine US which was an artists colony in the 1800's originally coined by the Abenaki Indians and in part to the idea of all guns quitting. Currently consisting of the hottest line-up to date this cosmopolitan creature contains members from Italy, USA, Colombia, Spain & UK. The Soundtrack to B-Movies, Road Trips, & Adventuring….. Their unique live gigs are a blur of Howling Vocals, Horns, Buzzsaw Guitars, Rumbling Toms, and Exotic R&R fun.
“Where the Squares don’t fit, you’ll find OH! GUNQUIT….”

Brought to you by Mr A & Miss A

INDIE - Hunter Mockett + Maya Kally + The Fabulous Micky C + Guests (Slot available - email elbowgigs@hotmail.co.uk)

INDIE - Hunter Mockett + Maya Kally + The Fabulous Micky C + Guests (Slot available - email elbowgigs@hotmail.co.uk)

Come and get your kicks out on the floor! 7.30pm ONLY £5 OTD

The love affair between The Fabulous Micky C and The Fiddlers Elbow continues on Sunday 26th August at 7.30pm. 

ome and see why The Fiddlers love TFMC and why Mr Fab can't keep away from The Fiddlers!!!

TFMC will be playing songs from all his albums - all available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc - some new songs, and maybe a little bit of Bob and a smattering of Elvis.

What better way to end the summer?


During my teens I would beg my dad to go clothe shopping miles away, on mini adventures to the countryside, or just anywhere far enough for us to drive. I was obsessed with my dads CD collection, and I knew by going on long car journeys I would have the chance to rummage through them for hours. His collection featured artists such as Nina Simone, Dionne Warwick, Otis Redding, Amy Winehouse, Bob Dylan and Fats Domino. Each artist revealing such vulnerability within their expression and lyricism, that I couldn't help but fall in love with their stories (never sell your CD collection dad). This is when I realised my love for music.

My mum, Felicity Kally, has always been so supportive in regards to my music career, she saw my love for music and despite my self-doubt, insisted I apply for piano lessons. When I finally began piano lessons I was ecstatic. I can't thank you enough for your continued support Mummy and I hope I will always make you proud! I soon began vocal lessons, and within two years I was fortunate enough to complete my Musical Theatre and Classical voice qualification. In 2015 I began my degree at Leeds College of Music studying Jazz, in which my vocal teacher referred to my smile as the 'jazz smile'.




Every year on the August Bank Holiday Monday the Fidds puts an an awesome mini music festival. Again, the line up is full of brilliant bands. Some local, some from further afield.

Come enjoy and be a part of what makes Camden so vibrant - the live music! Free entry and children allowed (with over 18's) until 6pm.

1.20 - 1.55 RAVI AMRUTH

2.10 - 2.45 ElSA 

3 - 3.35 - MICHAEL GOUGH

3.50 - 4.25 DRAINZ

4.40 - 5.15 COLLECTED



6.55 - 7.20  A CHOIR OF GHOSTS

7.50 - 8.25 I AM WARFACE

8.45 - 9.25 PLAN B

9.40 - 10.20 SPECIAL GUESTS


ROCK - Sourdough + Derek Day (LA) + Guests (Slots available, email elbowgigs@hotmail.co.uk)

ROCK - Sourdough + Derek Day (LA) + Guests (Slots available, email elbowgigs@hotmail.co.uk)

Derek Day is a screaming, 23 year-old Los Angelino solo artist from Eaglerock , CA that infuses the power of Rock N' Roll N' Other Genres (R&B,Soul,Progressive Rock,Punk) who engages with and captures the audience theatrically. He's on the lead, licky, riffy, stylistic Electric Guitar to accompany his lead, burning, gritty, soulful contralto Vocals. Finally releasing his first EP in Spring 2017, he's been performing over 10 years with influences ranging from Led Zeppelin through Coltrane, stopping for minute at Tom Waits, to Kendrick Lamar meets GN'R while Stevie Ray Vaughan has breakfast with Mercury n' MJ. It's always a BLAST!

For Derek Day, “3” seems to be his lucky number: He had 3 brothers who gave him a passion for literature and music; at age 13 he watched a video of the G3 CONCERT— Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen — and fell in love with the sound of electric guitar; after his first 3 years as a professional musician in LA, Steve Vai saw a video of Derek on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade and saw a spark of magic that inspired him to say, “This guy has a nice fire in him…he has a powerful charisma…”. Via then invited the wild, young Pop/Rock Derek Day to open for him in concert on 3 concert dates. So, on Saturday, December 10, 2016, Derek Day got to do what others only dream of: open for his guitar idol, Steve Vai.

SOURDOUGH - Power Indie Rockers from Bedfordshire


Bigone Europe Tour in London

Bigone Europe Tour in London

2018 Bigone Europe Tour

★Ticket Info★


80€, 265zt, 70£
Hug Event, Fan sign
HQ group photo, Fan meeting

40€, 155zt, 35£
High Touch, HQ group photo
Signed Poster, Fan meeting

EARLY BIRD(Online only)
25€, 65zt, 25£
Fan meeting

ON THE DOOR 1ST (Box office ticket)
30€, 90zt, 28£
Fan meeting

10€, 20zl, 10£

(It will be from 6 P.M till midnight)
(It starts in each city in a different time independence on the club it self)

Tickets are non-refundable
Must be 18+
Must bring government ID (passport, driving license, identity cards) - without ID, you may not be permitted to go in.

Fansign event (for platinum)
Hug and Photo event (for platinum)
High Touch (for Special)
Group Photo (for Special)
Snapshot event (every ticket)
Fan meeting (Guest. Bigone)
After party (Dancing with bigone on the stage, M.V.P package)

★M.V.P Package info★

Before we open the tickets to the public, we would like to make an announcement on M.V.P package pre-sale. We are attaching an image with more information on. Please refer to the image for more information. If you are interested on purchasing the package, please contact us via email:


Please make sure to follow this format.

Title :

Name :
Age :
Country/City :
Facebook ID/Phone number :
(This we need for individual message for the events)

Title : package / (london, warsaw, paris, madrid, rotterdam, cologne)
Name : Beyond
Age : 1
Country/City : Germany/cologne
Facebook ID/phone number : koreanbeyond / +49 0000 0000000

**Officially the tickets will be available. We look forward to meaningful and unforgettable time in the tour. We hope to see you all there!**

Title : package / (London, Warsaw, Paris, Madrid, Rotterdam, Cologne)
Name : Beyond
Age : 1
Country/City : Germany/cologne
Facebook ID/phone number : koreanbeyond / +49 0000 0000000

HyperSound Presents: Selectah!

HyperSound Presents: Selectah!

HyperSound Are Back Once Again! (with da ill-behaviour)
Wrapping Up The SummerTime Heat With a
'BoilerRoom-esque' Shinding! 

We're Inviting a Range of DJ's to Spin Some Flava and Bring Their Sound To The Table !! Hosted in an intimate setting with plenty of room to shake a leg !!

New Legends presents - ROCK NIGHT

New Legends presents - ROCK NIGHT

New Legends presents have yet another night of amazing live music at the World Famous Fiddler's Elbow - Camden

Saturday 1 st September from 7:30pm the stage will be lit up with 4 amazing bands playing you incredible live music into Sunday!

RYSE are a small, three piece Alternative Rock band with a massive sound. 

Formed in the heart of Guildford, the band's ambitious take on riff heavy music flirts with modern progressive rock and anthemic choruses. Compared to the twisted child of Biffy Clyro and Rage Against the Machine, raised on a diet of Nirvana-like angst and Radiohead-esque melodies, RYSE take glorious rock and roll back to a mainstream audience. 

With lyrics fuelled from obsessions with the darker side of modern technology, to the class divide and spiritual existence, RYSE write from the heart and head, directly to their fans.

Since forming the band has performed across the UK and throughout the capital, including dates at some of the South-East’s most iconic venues (such as London’s The Fiddler’s Elbow, O2 Academy Islington, and Guildford’s Boileroom). 

After signing to 'Little Bear Records', (an independent record label co-founded by RYSE's Ricky Cooksie) 2018 will see the band playing shows nationwide, alongside radio appearances, interviews and further single releases, making sure they are one to watch in the months ahead.

Seven Red Lions
We are Seven Red Lions an alternative indie Rock band based in London, David (vocalist/guitar), Lorenzo (bass), Sara (back vocals), Francesco (drums) and Christopher (Keyboard) came to Britain from all different parts of the world and found each other in London. 
Lovers of rock, punk, pop and other styles, the diversity of their cultures are reflected in their music, bringing a unique and innovative style. With their lyrics in English and Spanish, excellent guitar riffs and melodies will leave you wanting to hear them again.

The Ovines
Fast. Punky. Wild off beats. You get everything you’ve ever asked for with The Ovines. Made in Medway. You can have your cake and eat it too.

We're a band and our only goal is to kick ass and play awesome music!!

Cheap list through bands for £4 entry

£5 on the door

Live music till 11pm and music played till 1am

Do not miss out...its gonna be huge!!!

NEW!!! OPEN MIC & JAM SESSION - 1st Tuesday every month FREE ENTRY 7PM

NEW!!! OPEN MIC & JAM SESSION - 1st Tuesday every month FREE ENTRY 7PM

HEY MUSIC LOVERS AND MUSICIANS A brand new monthly open mic & Jam at the awesome Fiddler’s Elbow Camden.

Hosted by  Fern McNulty who is a very well respected Self Employed Musician, Sound Engineer, Guitar Tutor, Events Organiser & SingerSongwriter 'Foxpalmer'

FULL BACKLINE provided, great stage, sound and all! Wanna perform? Sign up from 7 or book a slot via here or foxpalmer.band@gmail.com


See you there!!

ALT ROCK/POP - The Crow Family + Nicole Skeltys + KAIYA Nelson

ALT ROCK/POP - The Crow Family + Nicole Skeltys + KAIYA Nelson

A mid week cracker! 7.30pm start! Come and enjoy top class live music.

Nicole Skeltys

Australian composer/ writer with 12 albums so far, in styles ranging from electronica, psychedelia and folk rock. Also have produced scores for film, TV and theatre. More information, tunes, bio, videos on my website: www.nicoleskeltys.com My latest album is ‘Deal With Your Disenchantment’, a 21st century woman’s (ie me!) response to Dylan’s classic albums of ‘60s/ early ‘70s, all original material. Currently gigging around London with my magnificent band The Disenchanted.

JAM HOT with Jennings Couch,The Feline Collage and Dylan Wynford

JAM HOT with Jennings Couch,The Feline Collage and Dylan Wynford

We are JAM HOT the hippiest music event in London! We like pop, rock and indie! Our live music events are followed by our vintage punk, rock and ska explosive DJ set Americano!

This coming 6th of September we have a truly great line up!

8.45 -. 915 Dylan Wynford And His Yesteryears
Dylan Wynford and His Yesteryears are a 4 piece folk-rock band situated in North London. Dylan has been performing as a solo act for a few years and is very happy to working with an incredible new band on his songs.Dylan, Alex, Albert and Jacob’s influences range from Frank Turner to Led Zeppelin.

9.30 - 10.00 Jennings Couch
Born in the wilderness of New York City, raised in the quiet tranquillity of rural England and made on the streets of West London, Jennings Couch is an artist who embodies the virtues of his environments. Since writing his first songs at the age of seven, he has gone on to craft a unique - and eccentric - pop voice. It is this distinctive voice that got Jennings to SXSW 2017, gaining the attention of a wider global audience with shows at The Apple Music House and the BBC British Music Embassy.

10.15 10.45 The Feline Collage
We are a London based four piece electronic pop band.
We focus on big melodies and honest cutting lyrics against a backdrop of electro synth.
We celebrate the bass, Alex has a five string and drives the beat.

NLTS LIVE Presents : Cash Cassettes W/ The Soul Traders

NLTS LIVE Presents : Cash Cassettes W/ The Soul Traders

Nobody Listens To Silence brings it's NLTS: LIVE nights back to their spiritual home at The Fiddler's Elbow - Camden. Expect the best in undiscovered rock, indie and alternative music.

Cash Cassettes - Since they formed in the tranquil air of RMS Studios, Cash Cassettes have had the pleasure of sharing their alternative, indie music to audiences across London.

The Soul Traders - Four nowhere lads living in a broken house making budget rock music

Doors @ 7.30PM

Des Was a Bowie Fan Presents: The KLF Special at The Fiddler's

Des Was a Bowie Fan Presents: The KLF Special at The Fiddler's

Following on from our Edwyn Collins birthday club on August 24th in Camden Town, here we go with the early September Des Was A Bowie Fan, a high octane techno disco new wave post-punk discotheque at the altar of The KLF.

Also known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu and The Timelords, led by King Boy D and Rockman Rock, who would later became Time Boy and Lord Rock, The KLF took the theory of Pop to its extremes in the absurd, horrific and brilliant, riding roughshod over samples and etching a breakneck sound that piled in the recipes for Pop gold of an era when new wave and post-punk had become the mainstream, lacing it with blackness, and burning a large part of the profits on a Scottish island.  

At one point they commandeered country legend Tammy Wynette, African tribal drummers and dancers and an ice cream van in the same song, and drove it to number two in the charts, a feat of sheer Pop alacrity only topped by New Order's tapping of former Liverpool winger John Barnes to rap on 'World in Motion'. 

For one special night we shall celebrate these nutjobs in the context of the post-punk, new wave, disco, techno and hip hop mileus they jumped from. And of course, we always celebrate Pop, as it's written. 

Welcome to the dark ages. Come dance.


"A post-Peel, post indie market-place discotheque in the spirit of the pirates, fags and runaways" - Llewelyn Bowen
"One of London's best indie clubs" - New Musical Express

£4 / £5
Cheaplist via attending on this page, or email deswasabowiefan@gmail.com
Advance tickets:  http://www.wegottickets.com/event/447048

*This one goes full throttle, with more of an electronic, industrial dance element that we would probably usually have at the club. Though sometimes it flies like this anyway.

Expect to hear: The KLF * Pet Shop Boys * ABBA * The Orb * New Order * Joy Division * Half Man Half Biscuit * Human League * Helen Love * Orange Juice * The Cure * Shop Assistants * The Associates * Depeche Mode * De La Soul * Dr. Felix * DAF * Pulp * Altered Images * B52's * Le Tigre * The Ramones * The Ronettes * Carter USM * Erasure * Candi Staton * Dee Lite * Talking Heads * Jackie Wilson * Dexys Midnight Runners * Donna Summer * France Gall * The Fall * Edwyn Collins * Brigitte Bardot * David Bowie * Chemtrails * The Smiths * Soft Cell * The Orchids * The Shangri-Las * Aretha Franklin * Aztec Camera * Art Brut * The Temptations * T-Rex * Blondie * The Supremes * Wu Tang Clan * Belle and Sebastian * Beastie Boys * S'Express * Little Richard * The Field Mice * Camera Obscura * The Pastels * Prefrab Sprout * Johnny Cash * Makthaverskan * The Beach Boys * Jens Lekman * Jonathan Richman * Jesus and Mary Chain * Kim Weston * Sonic Youth * Stakka Bo * Flowers * The Four Tops * The Flirtations * Gloria Jones * The Indelicates * Meilyr Jones * Shirley Ellis * Shakin' Stevens * J. Saul Kane * The Velvet Underground

For those unfamiliar with The KLF - 
JUSTIFIED AND ANCIENT (w Tammy Wynette) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPjggN-KByI
WHAT TIME IS LOVE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PEtGtyNLgU

London 8th Sept - Children on Stun + Manuskript [Sold Out]

London 8th Sept - Children on Stun + Manuskript [Sold Out]

The Stun are back in London at the Fiddlers Elbow situated in the heart of London. Joining us for the evening will be our very special guests 'Manuskript'. DJ Kell Kill will be entertaining you in and around the bands

This event has sold out
The event is 18+ only. 

Doors 7.30pm
Manuskript - 8.30pm - 9.30pm
Children on stun - 9.45 - 11pm

INDIE/ROCK- City Glow + Laure + The Big Mackoofy + Clarence Oddbody

INDIE/ROCK- City Glow + Laure + The Big Mackoofy + Clarence Oddbody

The correct way to end the weekend is it forget its the end of the weekend and get to The Fidds for a awesome night of live music! 7.30pm only £5 OTD

"LAURE, aka 24 year-old Laurence Morgan, is a chameleonic indie pop artist utilising his love of harmony to make multiple clones of himself until it’s far too late. Recently his choral pop track "Grey Skirt" was featured multiple times on BBC Radio 6 Music by Tom Robinson as part of BBC Introducing.

With a musical background highlighted by choral singing, traditional folk tunes and classical composition, what emerges is a mixture of dense, euphoric harmonies and occasionally unorthodox pop song structures, with lyrics steeped in playful honesty and many, many rhymes.

A restless desire to avoid complacency, coupled with taking inspiration from whatever he heard last, means you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get from LAURE next – songwriting influences range from Imogen Heap to Carseat Headrest, while material from upcoming releases dip into country, electro-pop and a cappella anthems."

"The Big Mackoofy is one of the most forward-looking bands of the modern era and arguably, the first genuinely, all-out cosmic music band"-Jamsphere

Clarence Oddbody

Born on the 4th of July 2017, 
A Scouser, a New Yorker and a Londoner make up - Clarence Oddbody.
A No-nonsense Rock Band - Guitar, Bass and Drums.
Taking their influence from late 60's/early 70's Rock with shades of Ska, Blues and New Wave.
With catchy Choruses, Dark lyrics, Fuzz Bass, Loud Echo Guitar and Old School Powerhouse Drumming making up the beast that is Clarence Oddbody!
Think Led Zeppelin meets Neil Young with a hint of late Beatles, a pinch of Big Star, all mixed up in a pot and served Loud!
Not trying to change the world, we are just here to Rock!!!!

Now that’s Magic, an open mic night for professional magicians! FREE ENTRY

Now that’s Magic, an open mic night for professional magicians! FREE ENTRY

Now that’s Magic, an open mic night for professional magicians to get on stage and try out their brand new material. 

On the second Tuesday of every month 6 magicians, will flock to the stage of the famous Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden. These magicians are working professionals and some of the finest that London has to offer so you’ll be sure to experience all sorts of magic; mind reading, danger, magic animals, card tricks, levitations, hypnosis and so much more.

There will be table magic before and after the show so that every one can experience the magic right in front of their eyes and you’ll have plenty of chance to get on stage and help them out (if you so wish).

Many of our magician’s are members of the world famous Magic Circle so save yourself the cost of buying tickets to their full shows and come along for free, grab a few drinks and come and have the most magical Tuesday of your life*.

*as we do not know your life story this is, unfortunately, not a guarantee.

Livy Star Promotions proudly presents...PUNKY ROCK n ROLL

Livy Star Promotions proudly presents...PUNKY ROCK n ROLL

Screamin' Rebel Angels (NYC)
Screamin’ Rebel Angels’ unrelenting and infectious original rock‘n'roll has kept the dance floors pulsing, and roofs rattling across stages, airwaves and turntables around the globe since 2011! Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this trio’s untamed live performances are high-octane adventures that invoke the primitive energy of 1950s rock'n'roll infused with the soul of early rhythm & blues, and invigorated with the raw power of garage punk.

KNOCKSVILLE (Eastbourne)
Knocksville are the punk 'n' roll band from Brighton, UK which mixes the best elements from 50’s rockabilly to modern day energetic punk rock. The trio performs with a guitarist that’s too cool for school, a drummer that defies all the laws of speed and precision and the of course, a double bassist that loves to stand on his bass and throw himself around the stage. This creates an energetic and exciting rock'n'roll band to watch and listen to and when fueled with aggressive lyrics, the sound of Knocksville is ready! 

The Bastard Sons of Cavan (London)
Chaotic rock'n'roll influenced by horror films, booze and girls hailing all the way from Walthamstow. Call 'em punks, call 'em psychos, but don't call 'em mundane.

The Spacewasters (London)
Proper garage rock'n'roll from West London. No mess, no fuss. Just a bucketload of top tunes.

September 14, 2018 | 8pm | £10 | 18+

Northern Line Tube - Chalk Farm
Overground - Kentish Town West
Buses - 24, 46, 241

London - 'Say That You Love Me' Tour

London - 'Say That You Love Me' Tour



SKA - DJ's Cello & Lou Pino special live guests ManLio Calafrocampano & Dubhouse Band

SKA - DJ's Cello & Lou Pino special live guests ManLio Calafrocampano & Dubhouse Band


COAST TO COAST Fiddler's Elbow - Camden

DJ's Cello & Lou Pino
special live guests
ManLio Calafrocampano
& Dubhouse Band

Doors open 7.30pm

Bands on 8pm until 11pm - So please get there early!!!!

Entrance £6/5 after 11pm and NUS £3 after 11pm

Tonight Djs Cello & guest Lou Pino spins
the best in ska, reggae, soul & Latin
around a live set from
ManLio Calafrocampano & Dubhouse Band

Coast to Coast Live from 8pm - 11pm

Yes, this is something different for C2C and something special, an International Reggae\Ragga Artist all the way from Italy making a big name for himself all over Europe. ManLio Calafrocampano is a big star in Italy, slowly making a name for himself in the Roots\Ragga\Reggae nights around London. Performing Ragga Jamaican style singing inna Italian\ English over Rocksteady\Ska\Roots Reggae rythms performed by the impressive Dubhouse Band. Not to be missed by followers of this kind of reggae style.

Coast to Coast Club Night from 11pm - 3am

If the 60s style is more your thing from traditional 7" records, well after the live show...DJ Cello with guest Lou Pino, who has a big following from his Internet Radio show, will spin the best in mainly 60s Ska, Rocksteady & Reggae with a touch of Soul, Motown, Latin & Boogaloo. This promises to be another great evening at Coast to Coast, so make sure you get down for this one, it's going to be hot!

Cretan Brioche at the Fiddler's Elbow

Cretan Brioche at the Fiddler's Elbow



Cretan Brioche comes to the legendary Fiddler's Elbow in Camden, for the first time in full band formation! 

Cretan Brioche:
Vassilis Chatzimakris: Cretan lyra, vocals
Simon Merkouris: Cretan lute, vocals
Miltos Boumis: Cretan lute, vocals
Antonis Mikelis: Double Bass
Christina Baltatzi: Percussion

Come along and experience the Cretan Brioche vibes, where original songs are combined with traditional and more recent music from Crete, Cyprus and Greece!