Celebrating 50 years of Pink Floyd, ENDLESS FLOYD are a 10-piece pink floyd tribute act, providing a fully immersive live experience, with a full light show, along with film projections, and classic tracks from amongst others, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘The Wall’, ‘Animals’, ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’, and ‘The Division Bell’. The live shows have been described as “the sound, spirit and soul” of pink floyd.

Danny Sykes(Guitars),
Paul "Wiff" Wiffen(Keys), Rob Goldfinch(Keys), 
Dickie Knight(Drums),
Julian Thompson(Bass),
Dan Treger(Sax/Guitar),Vanessa White-Smith(B.Vox),Helena-May Harrison(B.Vox),Rosie Osbourne(B.Vox)

Stone (lead vocals): Stone’s mentor as a lead singer is Roger Waters, one of the master lyricists of post-war music. Stone once had the opportunity to meet Richard Wright, Pink Floyd’s keyboard player, and tell him of his love of the music at an evening BBQ in Lindos, Greece in 1986. Richard’s reply was: “That is one of the nicest things anyone has said to me.”  A most charming, gracious and self-effacing man. Stone says: “Pink Floyd goes back to my very teenage roots, as it does with my good friend and cohort lead guitarist, Danny Sykes. We went to school together in the early seventies. We have been inseparable since then (apart from falling out and not speaking for 7 years – which is a bit in character for Gilmour and Waters, is it not?) Many times we would listen to Pink Floyd at each other’s houses with the classic posters on the wall. The pyramids, etc. By the early eighties we had started bands here and there.  And somehow we got here now. But that’s another story….”

Danny Sykes (guitars/lap steel/b.vocals):  Ever since his schooldays, Danny was into Pink Floyd, above all others. Initially from a classical background, he started playing guitar in bands with Stone way back in the early 80’s. In 2003 they formed Fire in the South, and they have been together since. Now with Endless Floyd, they have found their natural home, in a band of musicians, all of whom have similar sensibilities and an outstanding feel for the music of Pink Floyd. 

Dickie Knight (drums/b.vocals): Dickie started playing drums in 1973, the same year that Dark Side of the Moon was released. For the past 40+ years he has played numerous styles, in original rock and pop bands in the 70s and 80s, but also in covers bands playing soul and blues through to swing jazz and r’n’b. During the eighties he was in great demand “depping”, when someone needed a drummer, including one night for Eric Clapton. More recently he has spent eight years playing in a Funk/Disco function band, and now with Endless Floyd he feels he has come home again, playing those songs that were the soundtrack to his teen years.

Julian Thompson (bass guitar): Having played in various rock and funk groups since the early 80’s, Julian has found his calling with Endless Floyd and thrives on performing and recreating the original bass parts of Pink Floyd. His favourite Pink Floyd song is ‘High Hopes’ along with the classic tracks from their greatest albums.

Rob Goldfinch (piano/keys): Rob can play the keys. He met some weirdo down the pub and was asked if he wants to play Pink Floyd, which he now does. He also can play the squeezebox, church organ, and most things in-between, if you ask him nicely.

Dan Treger(sax/guitars/b.vocals): Dan is from a musical background, and has a pedigree in jazz and rock that started in the late 70’s. The past few years have seen him perform on countless recordings, and today wow international audiences with Endless Floyd. 

Vanessa White-Smith (backing vocals): Vanessa was a former member of Fire In The South. She is a Singer/Actor who has worked with Artistes such as Martha Reeves as a Vandella in London’s Covent Garden and on tour in Dancing In The Streets, With Sheila Ferguson of the Three Degrees as her understudy in Soul Train also in London’s West End.  She also sings with various other bands, and is delighted to be reunited with her former colleagues in Endless Floyd.

Rosie Osborne (backing vocals): Rosie began gigging from the age of 16 years old in Zimbabwe and since then, has gained wealth of on stage experience in singing and choreographed dancing. She is currently writing with other freelance musicians and performs regularly with function bands across the UK and abroad. These include lead and backing vocals for 70s, 80s & 90s tribute acts and tribute shows such as ‘ABBA’ were she plays the role of Anna Frida (Abba Mania, Abba Revival) and backing vocals for Endless Floyd. Fluent in most genres, Rosie has experience in many styles of music such as Pop, Rock, Soul, Country and Musical Theatre.

Debby Bracknell (backing vocals): Debby is a hugely experienced and versatile session singer. She has performed with incredible artists in the studio, TV, radio, and live venues across the world, including Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Shakatak, Mica Paris, Boy George and Culture Club, The George Anderson Band, Kavana, Tommy Jules (Rudimental), ACM Gospel Choir (Last Choir Standing), SuRie (Eurovision Song Contest), Endless Floyd, and many more.