The Past Tense are a group of mates playing their own take on Powerpop/garage/mod/punk sounds .


‘WE are school mates playing in a band in our 40"s.lasted longer than many of our favourite bands /artists.
a collective love of all types of good music,mod,punk,psych,revival,motown,northern soul,jazz,house.
just interested in playing live and recording songs for ourselves and anyone else who likes our stuff’

60"s mod/beat 60"s freakbeat/psych
mod revival/punk/indie



Introducing - 

Sam Gifford and The Innocent



St Albans - The Horn's 'Battle of The Bands Finalists' 2017



Sam’s songs offer a lyrical depth and maturity that is at odds with his youth and set him apart from many of his peers. His songs talk of finding hope, courage, beauty and redemption in the midst of the struggle of everyday life, and Sam sings with an authentic and passionate voice which connects with a wide audience.
Influences include John Mayer, Switchfoot, Bruce Springsteen and Mumford and Sons but Sam creates unique music. Instantly recognisable, the songs blend catchy, radio friendly hooks and powerful guitars fleshed out with rich backing vocal harmonies to deliver a full, vibrant and edgy sound.
It is through playing across well-established venues in London and the South East such as Nambucca, 93 Feet and The Horn that Sam and his band have been able to make a significant impact on the local live scene. Only month’s since the formation of Sam Gifford and The Innocent, Sam was supporting acts such as Swedish rock band ‘The Dahmers’ on their debut UK tour and playing sold out shows to capacities of over 200 people.
If evidence were needed of Sam’s live credentials, he and his band were invited by Juice Box Live to enter a sixty-four strong Battle of the Bands competition and promptly made the final leaving experienced and other well-established bands in their wake.

INTRODUCING - Molly Karloff

PLAYING Friday 4th January 2019

Formed in 2014 from the remnants of other bands who shared the same Oxfordshire rehearsal studios, Molly Karloff started life as ‘Conspiracy of Ravens’, after bassist Tom joined forces with songwriter and guitarist, Simon. The band immediately started writing material for their debut EP which was recorded live at Cream Studios in London, with producer Richard Aitken. Drawing upon a wide range of influences, the raw, hook-laden guitars were married with the bass-line grooves to produce a very unique sound that lies somewhere between Clutch, Rage Against The Machine & Alice In Chains.

A period of turmoil then ensued as disagreements between band members resulted in a succession of personnel changes, and the eventual temporary disbandment of the band. After a hiatus, Tom & Simon eventually put the band back together over a chance meeting in a Maplin store.

With a change of personnel, and new motivation as the band clicked together, they changed the name of the band to Molly Karloff to mark the beginning of a new era. With a wealth of new material and fresh new energy, the band release their debut EP, 'Dancing For Money' in September 2018 to a chorus of approval and embark upon a heavy campaign of live shows in support.

Described as a ‘triple force metal assassination’ by Heaps of Metal, the band rapidly attracted attention on their local live circuit, quickly headlining both The Bullingdon & The Wheatsheaf in Oxford as promoters took note of the overwhelmingly rapturous response from audiences. Building on their local popularity,  the band began to play outside of their local area culminating in their debut live appearance in London only a couple of months after their debut show. The band continue to play live and write more material for further recording releases in 2019.

Who is in the band (breakdown of band members)

Simon - Vox/Guitars

Tom - Bass

Wojtek - Drums

• When you formed/started playing music

Originally formed in 2014, reformed in 2018

• Where you’re based


• Details of releases so far –

Dancing for Money - EP (Release 3/09/2018) -

• Influences –

Across the band there are too many influences to list, but many have described our sound as a mixture of Clutch with Rage Against The Machine and some grunge bands such as Soundgarden or Alice In Chains in the mix.

• Stand-out achievements –

Headline acts for both The Bullingdon & The Wheatsheaf in Oxford only a couple of months after our debut live show. Press reviews & blog coverage is imminent

• Do you have an interesting back-story? This can be compelling and will help you stand out. 

Simon was brought up in a devoutly religious family, rejecting religion fuels the music. Tom is fuelled by sausages. Wojtek play with pipes when not hitting his drums