TRACK OF THE DAY - The Maritans

 PLAYING - SATURDAY 18th may 2019 at 2pm (Matinee gig)

Track Title: "Heaven Is Behind The House"

About the Track: "Heaven Is Behind The House" is the B-side to London band The Maritans' first single release, "Charlatan's Affair". It was recorded at the Roundhouse Trust in Chalk Farm, not far from The Fiddler's Elbow venue, in the EMI Studio with equipment donated from Abbey Road EMI Studios. The track was produced and mixed with help of Roundhouse Sound Engineer, Cam Deas.

About The Band: Four-Piece Guitar Band from Camden, London.

The Maritans are Jonah Rollason, Auryn Jones, Malik Faraj and Kai Hewlett.

The Maritans' first single "Charlatan's Affair" featuring the title track A-Side and a B-Side "Heaven Is Behind The House" was released in October 2018. Following this, the record "Fake Sensations" was released in December of that year.