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Capra Negra is a collective of musicians that each come from a different musical background—Balkan, folk, pop, rock—experimenting together and having fun. Capra entered the London music scene in 2016 with the aim of creating music that blends the sounds of old-time folk instruments with modern rock and pop grooves. Our goal is to bring these two worlds together and reinvent typical approaches from both styles—and yes, folk instruments can rock!

At the heart of Capra, is a relentless curiosity about what could be possible. What does the music played by eastern-European folk violinists sound like on the electric guitar? If one-time folk masters came back, what would be their ‘tool’ of choice from the wide range of electric instruments available today? Would they still play the same old folk melodies that come to them through instinct, or would their music evolve into something different? These are just some of the questions we explore together.

Capra’s founder musicians, Toni and Janos, come from Transylvania, where a mixture of Hungarian, Romanian and Gypsy music is still a living heritage and part of the daily musical education. Toni says: “I love electric guitars, but whenever I play them, it feels like I’m playing violin... I use the same ornaments and vibrato. All my musical heroes are violinists—I don’t know much about guitar music”. Janos, the drummer, chimes in: “I always felt closer to eastern-European folk music, but I didn’t want to end up in a traditional folk band, playing 100-year old melodies on a 100-year old instrument. Instead, I wanted to play contemporary music, introducing spice and exotic vibes from the world of eastern-European folk music.”

In recent years, Capra Negra has been supported by many great artists and musicians. We’re currently playing as a trio with the London-born bass player Jim McAllister, who comes from the domain of funk and rock. He played in many popular rock bands in the UK before he joined Capra Negra.

Late Last Night formed in 2017 when best friends Jamie, Sam and Tom decided to switch up from busking around London for 4 years, and step it up to a full band, after each toured the UK band circuit with previous bands in the past. Initially starting out as an electronic pop trio, they've now settled into an indie pop punk sound that drives through each of their songs, stacking layered harmonies with catchy melodies, melded with punchy bass lines. They are now currently playing the London circuit and looking to tour in 2019.



London-Based / Alternative Pop

“Carried along by a river of strings and synths, Bukky’s narrative is one of self discovery within the beauty of a blossoming love".

Studying Law at University, anxiety ruled Bukky. Uncertainty roared through him, and his souls only solace was the music of The Smiths, Feist and Bob Dylan. 

Saved by meditation, he then began to unravel, and started writing music detailing the growing-pains of adolescence.

Moving to Brighton after University, Bukky started band "Maya" with hometown friend Adam Gurbis on lead guitar, Daniel Pascoe on Bass and Nicolas Standing on Drums. The Indie-RnB outfit released their only EP “In Blue” in 2016, and played numerous shows across the UK. 

Meeting the mysterious lady referenced in his songs, Bukky’s world was again turned upside down “She changed my life”. 

“Selfishness, Victimhood, Resentfulness, Jealousy, all that ugly stuff that rules your life under the surface… I didn’t see them…"

Bukky’s forthcoming album “Worthy Of Love” shows the romance of transformation through a confession styled narrative.

Through his new solo act, Bukky's music depict the romance of transformation through a confession-styled narrative. He is now based in London, and is set to perform across the UK with his live band following the imminent release of video single “All Can” in March.