Following on from our Edwyn Collins birthday club on August 24th in Camden Town, here we go with the early September Des Was A Bowie Fan, a high octane techno disco new wave post-punk discotheque at the altar of The KLF.

Also known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu and The Timelords, led by King Boy D and Rockman Rock, who would later became Time Boy and Lord Rock, The KLF took the theory of Pop to its extremes in the absurd, horrific and brilliant, riding roughshod over samples and etching a breakneck sound that piled in the recipes for Pop gold of an era when new wave and post-punk had become the mainstream, lacing it with blackness, and burning a large part of the profits on a Scottish island.  

At one point they commandeered country legend Tammy Wynette, African tribal drummers and dancers and an ice cream van in the same song, and drove it to number two in the charts, a feat of sheer Pop alacrity only topped by New Order's tapping of former Liverpool winger John Barnes to rap on 'World in Motion'. 

For one special night we shall celebrate these nutjobs in the context of the post-punk, new wave, disco, techno and hip hop mileus they jumped from. And of course, we always celebrate Pop, as it's written. 

Welcome to the dark ages. Come dance.

"A post-Peel, post indie market-place discotheque in the spirit of the pirates, fags and runaways" - Llewelyn Bowen
"One of London's best indie clubs" - New Musical Express

£4 / £5
Cheaplist via attending on this page, or email
Advance tickets:

*This one goes full throttle, with more of an electronic, industrial dance element that we would probably usually have at the club. Though sometimes it flies like this anyway.

Expect to hear: The KLF * Pet Shop Boys * ABBA * The Orb * New Order * Joy Division * Half Man Half Biscuit * Human League * Helen Love * Orange Juice * The Cure * Shop Assistants * The Associates * Depeche Mode * De La Soul * Dr. Felix * DAF * Pulp * Altered Images * B52's * Le Tigre * The Ramones * The Ronettes * Carter USM * Erasure * Candi Staton * Dee Lite * Talking Heads * Jackie Wilson * Dexys Midnight Runners * Donna Summer * France Gall * The Fall * Edwyn Collins * Brigitte Bardot * David Bowie * Chemtrails * The Smiths * Soft Cell * The Orchids * The Shangri-Las * Aretha Franklin * Aztec Camera * Art Brut * The Temptations * T-Rex * Blondie * The Supremes * Wu Tang Clan * Belle and Sebastian * Beastie Boys * S'Express * Little Richard * The Field Mice * Camera Obscura * The Pastels * Prefrab Sprout * Johnny Cash * Makthaverskan * The Beach Boys * Jens Lekman * Jonathan Richman * Jesus and Mary Chain * Kim Weston * Sonic Youth * Stakka Bo * Flowers * The Four Tops * The Flirtations * Gloria Jones * The Indelicates * Meilyr Jones * Shirley Ellis * Shakin' Stevens * J. Saul Kane * The Velvet Underground

For those unfamiliar with The KLF -