El Moono
Described by Kerrang! Magazine as "a blizzard of long hair and grungy riffs, interspersed with wah-spiked freak-outs”; EL MOONO’s unique blend of grunge, math rock and "pummelling rhythms, visceral vocals and momentous riffs” (- All Things Loud) are a force to be reckoned with.

Codices have got a lot going on. Drawing from a myriad of musical influences, the young London quartet are bringing together all types of motif to their sound: dark, light, discordant, technical, minimalist" (Fecking Bahamas).

Lions After Slumber
Lions are four musicians drawing from heavy rock, prog and electronic - resulting in riff-driven instrumentals, with themes, layers and time an elephant fighting a tiger in an echo chamber.

Hidden Palace
Massively influenced by math rock bands such as Chon and Tiny Moving Parts. Technical instrumental mixed with an upbeat vibe.

Japan Review
New EP 'JUNO' available out now via Reckless Yes -