El Moono

2019 has seen Brighton math-grungers EL MOONO opening for Black Peaks and Press To Meco, before making their European debut in March 2019 with a special run of packed out headline performances.

Yacht Club

"Soaring to heights and diving to depths I really can’t describe the sheer versatility and unrestrained brilliance of this young artist. A is a balance of direct and indirect influences cut and reformed into a fresh new sound that crosses several genres and spans generations of influences. Marcus Gooda is quite simply a powerhouse of talent with unfathomable potential and, The Yacht Club has a bright future ahead." Ticket- Stubs

Civil Villians

"Civil Villains are, in all the best ways, oxymoronic. Balancing noisy, complicated (albeit incredibly fun) songs, with a witty charm, Civil Villains make for a great show." Gigslutz, 2018


Iroquois are 3 alt-y math-ish riff-mongers from in & around London.
Founded in late 2015 when James Green (guitar) teamed up with old Korda Marshall bandmate Alex Lane (drums) and old high school bandmate Alex Mann (bass & vocals), the group take influence from artists such as Biffy Clyro, Manchester Orchestra, Deftones and yourcodenameis:milo, displaying a formidable mix of soaring anthemic melodies, intricate technical flourishes and gut-punchingly hefty riffs.