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Alterpodes comes after the idea of different dimensions and realities that somehow relate but yet are different, they are four alien beings who breath and live pure melodic dissonance. After moving to London from NYC Reyson met Eddie on a cold winter night in Camden town and immediately clicked.

After countless writing sessions their ideas started to take shape  and they knew they had something special. Reyson, bringing some ideas he had worked on in previous projects as a basic canvas, opted for a new cosmic freshness and an alternate approach (hence the name) to the old songs. Shortly after Alessio and Tarek joined the band to complete the rhythm section adding to the potion their energetic and non conventional no fucks given attitude to  complete the pure punk energy that finally materializes as  Alterpodes!

The Unblessed are a soul rock band hailing from the south east of England. Their music blends influences of seminal rock artists David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen with those of soul legends like Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin, adding several nods to the funk of Kool and the Gang.

The Fabulous Micky C

The Fabulous Micky C is the best kept song-writing secret of his generation. He has written over 100 songs, 50 of which can be heard on his 3 albums to date – “Fallen From Grace”, “Rock n Roll Teeth” and the double album “Miracles and Shadows”.

Influenced by Dylan, Costello, Stax, Todd Rundgren, Little Richard, The Who, Ronnie Lane, Joni Mitchell, Howling Wolf and Irving Berlin amongst others, the song is the thing for TFMC.