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The Excuses formed in 2017 by childhood friends, with the intention of bringing together a lifetime of musical ideas. Now in their third year, the band plays an eclectic concoction of upbeat, melodic rock, pop and funk you won't be able to stop yourself dancing to! With a mix of quirky takes on well-known bangers and some original storytelling, they love to take to the stage and try their very best not to disappoint.

Paul The Kid currently lives in London Town.

High energy to laid back tunes, the frontman and songwriter of Kiwi ska//rap outfit Night Gaunts has decided to set out and explore a land of new offbeat rhythms. A land where house meets ska, where reggae meets space and where time stops as your body rocks.

His debut EP’s ‘Swimming Through The Milky Way’ and ‘TWO TONE DEATH WAVE’ were released in November and are avaliable digitally everywhere:

Paul Go is the musical project of singer songwriter Paul G. Oliver, originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, now based in London.

Paul’s music incorporates a wide range of musical influences including folk, post-punk, psychedelic, free improvisation and world music. His music often utilises acoustic instruments in a ‘folk style’ with other electronic sounds, samples and beats. Despite several years of writing, recording and performing music, Paul released his first single Fox in the Garden in 2016 on his label Ganbei Records.

Over the last few years, Paul has performed his music all over the world, including the UK, Europe, USA and China. Notably he has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in Scotland, and South-by-South-West Festival in Austin, Texas, USA.

Paul is currently recording his next single – with a four-piece band – which will be released on Ganbei Records in July.