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Vulpine Smile

Cambridge based

Psychedelic blues unsettlers lost in time. Alt Rock Band From Cambridge bringing you fresh licks of fuzz and pretty folk songs.

Josh Page, Jack Page, Matthew Bentley


Linda Landers (founder, songwriter, lead vocals, guitars)... a changing line up of non legendary and legendary guitarists, and others who strayed into the desert or the comforts of old suburbia never to be seen again... and some other guitarists who remained... including myself.
People that have played and/or still do play for the band; 
Zafaran (bass);
A changing line up of guest bass players including the legendary
Del Bergin (bass);
A changing guest line up of legendary drummers, mostly including the truly legendary;
Rat Scabies (drums)


Frida Mattsson is a singer/song writer from Stockholm, Sweden. Her music is balanced between playful melodies and dark lyrics, with a jazzy pop vibe.