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S.R.I was officially formed in 2017 but the band goes way back to 2015 where guitarist Alan Izod and Drummer Alex Walker got inspired to start a rock and roll band and follow the stereotype of 'trying to make it'. Being the party monster that Alex is, he bumped into Bor whom Alex overheard talking about some of the greatest bands to grace the Earth. This triggered a tingling sensation in Alex's nether regions so he decided to talk to this Jesus look alike. The Boracle was born on that day, as he joined the band and he walks on water just like the books said he would. If you come to one of our gigs you can see it for yourself. Also, our mums think we're great.

Andrea Dee is a London based producer, singer-songwriter, performer and composer, originally from Paris, France. 
Starting her career as a performer in one of Las Vegas’ most glamorous productions "Jubilee" at the Bally's hotel & casino, she then moved to New York City at the age of 18 with her guitar and the goal of pursuing a musical career.

Recording her telling compositions she began her collaboration with producer Aaron Knight releasing her first single a mellow thumping pop ballad “What About Love" in 2010.

In 2012 she co-founded and became the lead vocalist and songwriter of the indie electronic band Frealane. Releasing their first EP ”Never Too Late” in 2013 they self booked their tour across Europe and the US, performing in more than 7 different countries.

From recording artist, to entertainer Andrea is great at multi tasking. From international songwriter, to writing, composing and collaborating with many artists and bands around the world, you are guaranteed a one of kind performance. Vocally flawless ballads, acoustic or full orchestra to full Rock and Roll showmanship you will not forget her!
You will remember the experience a classic grace being compared to the likes of Joan Jett and a female Lenny Kravitz with an essence of Freddie Mercury. And that’s all before she sits down on the piano and kisses you with a sultry voice, that sails and convinces you of her place is this ever changing industry.

Andrea has an electricity when she is on stage that is very special. Her lyrics will resonate with you through her catchy melodies and hooks that will make you listen up as you connect with her profound story telling.

Now Andrea is working on her new single, and you can hear some of the new brave and innovative material at the many gigs coming up in 2019. 
Andrea Dee is truly magic, come and see for yourself!