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Memory Boy

We started in 2017, we make noises utilizing electric guitars, bass guitars, digital and analogue pedals, amplification, microphones, drums and cymbals in unison. Lots of people do it. But not everyone sounds like us. Some say thats a good thing, others say nothing at all, some probably say its a bad thing, we dont mind, but we enjoy it. It would be cool if other people enjoyed it too.

The Arthurs, alternative/new wave/indie rock band from Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Utrecht (The Netherlands). Formed around Dutch singer/songwriter Robin den Drijver. The band distinguishes itself by its' own unique style and sound. Listening to their melodic, dynamic, raw, beautiful, aggressive, dreamlike and always heartfelt music, will be worth your while.

The Arthurs released their debut album 'When I'm Sane' in June 2017, receiving very positive press reviews. Den Drijver played almost all of the instruments on the album, accompanied by female drummer Jetske Blonk. Anno 2018, the line up includes drummer Blonk, lead guitarist Dylano Hahury and bass player Sander Klarenbeek.

In June 2018 The Arthurs started recording their second album, this time as a full band. This album will be released somewhere in the spring of 2019. The Arthurs are also working on a live album, which will also be released somewhere in 2019.

The Arthurs show their ambition with a strong live performance. Their fans have already predicted a great future for the band.



originally from METAL IsLaND but now living in Hastings, UK. METAL CaSTLe write songs about tea, battles and gardening.


Singer songwriter from North London

Performing original compositions with her backing band with a sound inspired by the likes of Taylor swift and Ed Sheeran.