Quickly making her mark on New Zealand hip-hop, Jess has already racked up over 1 million streams, collaborated with award-winning legends SWIDT, and secured the first female appearance on David Dallas’s ’64 Bars’ - a Red Bull backed project whereby MC’s are invited to take the mic and freestyle over a fresh beat. "She came in and handled it first take. She’s got a vibe, and she’s super confident" says Dallas.

JessB has already conquered New Zealand’s biggest festival stages, Rhythm & Vines, Northern Bass and Soundsplash and most recently Auckland City Limits. She was also selected to open Stormzy’s two NZ shows in 2017.

Of Kenyan descent, JessB grew up in Auckland and naturally gravitated towards hip-hop from an early age. Raised by her adoptive parents, hip-hop offered an avenue to explore her identity in a way that felt natural - providing a cultural touchstone as a minority in New Zealand.

Creatives Connect Universal on 27th May 2019 will be hosting JessB & Friends with her DJ half Queen, supported by 8 of the best UK and coming talent. This will be a night to remember. Tickets are available for and find all information on the @creativesconnectu Instagram.