Franco-American singer-songwriter THÉA makes jazz and soul music with a hint of folk and pop.

THÉA has always been surrounded by music. Between her mom’s Gospel and her dad’s love for jazz, she developed a passion for soul. At an early age, she entered a music program to remedy her shyness. There she learned to play several instruments (guitar, piano and drums) and encouraged to compose music of her own. She also learned about performing, in gigs throughout the year. Reveling in the colours and textures of music, she fell in love in particular with performance and composition.

From the beginning, THÉA was supported by her brother, house artist JAW. When she was 13, he gave gave her a mixer to produce her own songs. She soon began the first of many collaborations, notably with producers/DJs Agoria and Rose Ryot. In 2013 she was a special guest for French trio dOP’s set at France’s largest electronic music festival, Les Plages Éléctroniques in Cannes, in front of a crowd of 14 000. At fifteen, she released ‘Drink’, co-written with lyricist Lydia Golding. It appeared on JAW’s Midtown album, marking her official start as a singer-songwriter.

She moved to London in 2017 to study songwriting and expand her horizons. Today, THÉA wants to see how far she can go.

She’s already realised a number of dreams, like co-writing with The Dunwells, and performing with dOP again, this #me in the famous London nightclub, Fabric. She’s involved in many projects, such as co-writing an electronic EP with DJ Benoit Perbal, and working on her debut album Tea And The Biscuits. In 2019, she’ll be performing with her band all over London.