Devoted Defiance was formed in London in March 2018, when three metalheads, Dominik Dziura, André Crombach and Anthony Dias got together in Anthony Dias' shed and started writing metal songs. 

The 25th of May saw them all set at the Roundhouse Studios, ready to record the demo with their first 3 songs after spending several days a week writing and rehearsing. 

After playing their first few summer gigs including the LOUD in LONDON Festival, Bassist Joe O'Neill joined the band in September of 2018. They are heading in the direction of touring and recording future albums, as they continue to develop their career as a Metal band.

Riffout appeared on stage a few minutes after 21:30 and what they mainly gave out is straightforwardness. They sync great, they are very energetic and their “get ya rocks off” attitude is exciting. Their music style is not really my thing: I sensed influences from the 90s such as late Metallica, Rage Against The Machine or even Pearl Jam but I may be a little off. I surely recommend checking them out though, they are a definite on stage delight.

by: METAL INVADER Leon Pavlou

Yavenirie - music band playing dark rock with a hint of folk and spirit.
Original songs by Zuza Tehanu.
Music production by Tomasz Brajter

Georgia Maria

Turbocharged acoustic-rocker let loose on London's live circuit. Powerful, darkly poetic modern rock. And Tool covers.