✵ WEIRDSVILLE ✵ at Fiddler's Elbow - Camden

✵ DJ 45 party with Mr & Miss A (Weirdsville) + guest DJ legend 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The Legendary Keb Darge Page 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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£9 door

The Night Times 🇺🇸
One of the most electrifying new bands on the US scene are 60s snotty garage punkers THE NIGHT TIMES. To say we’re excited that they’ve chosen to debut in the UK with us is an understatment!
Emerging from the mean streets of Los Angeles THE NIGHT TIMES play raw, unchained, explosive ‘Back From The Grave’ style authentic garage. Made up of six raging teens! they formed in 2014 as The B-Sides, guitarist Squints says they just wanted to get together and jam. “We were always playing far places with one car packed and a dime to our name,” he says. “Sometimes we would play a show in the O.C., L.A., SGV all in the same night. That was all we wanted to do — just play.”
Squints says THE NIGHT TIMES sound has evolved from playing with crappy equipment to what they have now, which is a rich blend of contemporary rock, ’60s beat music and garage punk, and “with the aggressive sound and performance, we just keep it rock & roll!” The members each have different influences, though connecting factors include "early rock & roll, R&B, soul, ’60s beat, ’77 punk, and garage.”
The Night Times' first single ‘I Don’t Mind’ sold out in less than 3 months! So don’t miss out on a second chance to get them between your ears when they release their debut LP ‘Here We Go’ in Spring, 2019 on www.outrorecords.com

The Jack Cades
No NOT the leader of a popular revolt against the government of England in 1450 but instead The Jack Cades an international affair made up of French 🇫🇷 Belgian 🇧🇪 and Brits 🇬🇧 who all share a passion for inspirational sounds such as sun-kissed sweaty rhythm and blues, 60s broken-hearted garage songs and snotty punk from the 70's. With a mini debut LP "Music For Children", released on Dirty Water, a 7” ‘Run Paulie Run’ on Dangerous Skylab and a whole host of European bookings THE JACK CADES rebellion and their jangly garage with a psychedelic twist are taking over!

Odd things are happening when three odd men and one odd girl come together to cheer the misery and the excitement of their long gone teenage times, to unearth the feelings that have gone lost in the mist of time from the age of US teen rebels revolution!
With members from the Embrooks, the Liquorice Experiment and the Electric Brunos, this odd four-piece time machine will lead you on a trip of real acting folk-garage punk and psychedelic moods.
And you?...Are you going to be ‘odd’ or ‘out’?

Brought to you by Mr A & Miss A