Defining Lines-

5 Piece Metalcore Band From West Yorkshire  

Orchestrate the End -  

Orchestrate The End were formed in August 2013 hailing from the mass heap of London, UK. The band’s musical output takes many aspects of all the favoured Progressive/Symphonic/Metal-core Influences within the band, with an added "OTE twist" you get something strangely unique. Catchy Choruses and pumped up riffs followed by Aggressive breakdowns that can only be defined by as Orchestrate The End.   

A Higher DEmise

Metalcore/Post-Hardcore from Dartford

Mikey - Vocals
Terry - Guitar/Vocals
Dan - Guitar /Vocals
Rachael - Bass/Vocals
Dag - Drums/Vocals

'A Higher Demise' was formed in late 2011. Their wide range of musical influences mixed together to give them the sound they have today. In late 2017 the band release their second E.P 'To Death or Victory'. Shortly after the release the band announced that Vocalist, Charlie, would be leaving the band. After months of searching the band finally found the member they were looking for in Mikey. The start of 2018 saw the return of the band to the live scene, re-energised from their time away. Writing has begun for a new release with plans for it to be out by the end of the year.