WE LOVE SUNDAY’S great bands great vibe and only £5 entrance!!


A mix of delta blues and southern gothic, Dixon's music is the soundtrack of a dark road before sunrise, a back alley as night falls, that empty house on the hill. His voice provides texture and warmth. His lyrics give characters their life. Still, something haunting always seems to be present.

Come hang with Drew and The Real Thing on the 3rd stop of their first headlining European tour!!

The Bipolar and its constellation of black roses. Symbols of eternal nights. Liberation epics. Worn by "cinematics" sounds. The time of a trip in a trance. From a dance come guts. It's cardiac, it excites. It's magnetic, it captures. Like a two-body head. A body with two hearts. Quietude as a quest. And this progression, always, turned towards the stars, still, until take-off, imminent ... It's up to you to join the crew.

Trembling people is the first single that dares to give the pulsation of this issue, with a poetic clip that crosses the streets of Brussels and extracts all the beauty and innocence of a little girl living in our world today. The Bipolar is also the originality of an EP available on a USB-shaped capsule, as to cure our fears and anxieties.