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The Creatures of Habit

(Formerly Woodfog) began as a three piece band in the early 70’s with Ray Simone on guitar, Dave Sumeray on bass and Martin Lee on drums. They had various musical influences which blended into their own, unique powerhouse sound. Among their musical influences were Cream, Wishbone Ash, Black Sabbath, Genesis and The Beatles. They played local venues in their hometown North London and also toured the country playing universities and clubs and supporting various headlining bands of the era including Glencoe, The Pretty Things, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre and The Edgar Broughton band, among others. They saw many drummers come and go as they developed musically and by the mid-seventies were a four-piece as they added a second guitarist, Nick French and the subsequent harmony guitar parts became a distinguishing feature of the Woodfog sound. Sing Zing (written and composed and produced by Dave Sumeray & Ray Simone) was recorded at Morgan Studios, North London in 1975 with Ray and Dave as the only remaining members of Woodfog and using session musicians on drums, piano and violin - and was intended as a single release.
Dave Sumeray, Ray Simone & Mart Lee recently got together for a jam session and were surprised and delighted that the Zing was still there. Thinking that if they don’t do it now it may never happen they have decided to reform the band and as well as rehearsing a few of the old songs they will also write and rehearse some new material. Sadly, Ray died in 2012 but Dave and Mart have kept writing, playing and recording and have finished their debut album; 12 tracks called Where Have All The Years Gone? It can be streamed here on Soundcloud.

BAND NAME: Beau and the Arrows

MUSIC GENRE: Dream Grunge

Let Your Past Die, Embrace the future......