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Three piece Alternative Rock/ Emo band based in Kent. FFO: Foxing, Manchester Orchestra, Radiohead.

A Choir Of Ghosts

We need to make our way through the deep, thick, Scandinavian forest, into the wilderness until we reach A Choir Of Ghosts, fingerpicking the guitar to folksy vigorous tunes to long for. The front person James’ musical foundation: the soil, is through the reminiscence of Kurt Cobain, topped with the water, sun and air of The Tallest Man On Earth and Hollow Coves, making ACOG give you a feeling of all shades of nostalgia.

The single “Southwest of the Moon” is inspired by a painting displayed in his childhood home and naturally developed into a reflection of past relationships and friendships. It resonates how we can break relationships when asking for too much, giving too little and being silent when being mistreated, in hope of you will “come back home”. “Southwest of The Moon” is a letter of apology, both to himself to be stronger and an asking of forgiveness for the people that have got hurt.

Having released several singles - “Morning Light” reached 1.2 million plays on Spotify so far and counting - and the Woods EP, that caught the attention of international media, it brought ACOG beyond the wilderness of the North of Sweden, to tour in Central Europe.

For James to be a solo performer under the name A Choir of Ghosts, the choir is ever- changing with collaborators from around the globe.

The upcoming debut album “An Ounce of Gold” is closely produced with Canadian producer Terry Benn and will be released by Greywood Records in 2019. It’s an ode to past relationships and to go solo, spoken through elements of nature we’re all rooting back from.

“Southwest of The Moon”, the first single of the upcoming debut album, drops April 12th.

Gypo Circus

5 piece ethnopunk band from Southern Europe

Hegyesi András - gitár, ének
Velcsev Dejanov Kosta - gitár, vokál
Kecskeméti Sanyi - basszusgitár, vokál
Muhel Zoltán - dobok, vokál
Miron Andrea Delia - hegedű
Préda-Kovács Zsolt - klarinét

Vanity Tapes

London based;

3-piece reporting back from irregular happenings in South East London.  Spaced-out folky indie drenched with organs and rhodes, harmonies and echoes.  Shades of Elliott Smith, Wilco, C Duncan, Real Estate, Midlake.  Currently working on our debut album in follow up to 2016’s Magellan EP.


Jim Collett (guitar/vocals), Stewart Muir (keys/guitar/vocals), Sam Turner (drums).


Jim Collett, Sam Turner, Stewart Muir