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The Misconduct Committee
Pulchritudinous indie rock four piece from South London

Formed in the squalor of South London's hovels, The Misconduct Committee are driven by a shared vision for a more surreal aesthetic to indie rock. Combining the wit of britpop with the textures of shoegaze into a package that captures the atmosphere of a pricey London pub, this band is not one to be missed by fans of The Smiths, Smashing Pumpkins and Blur.

Man Shaped Wolf have been overjoyed by the reviews and growing momentum of their eclectic high energy Rock Funk Blues style, performances, and recent release of their debut EP; 'EP 01'

Formed in 2017, they found each other through the ether and sheer chance in the heart of London, England. They found quickly that their styles and interests mixed well, 

I remember listening to one of those first recordings-’ says frontman James ‘-on the tube home after practice, headphones in, and just nodding and grinning, thinking instantly: ‘Yeah. I love this. We've got something here.’ ‘’

Guitarist Aldo, who’s signature sunburst Tokai guitar with rags hanging from the head, Lists his own influences that range from Slash to Nile Rodgers and describes the other members’: ‘’We all come from different areas. Connor is has old school punk, heavy rock, background. Alec comes from a psychedelic, neo-funk style, he’s got such a vast taste and James is big into the Jeff Buckley, bluesy poetic styles, with like a chilli’s/ rage feeling for rhythm’’

The band have met with great enthusiasm from critics and fans alike: 

 ‘it’s genuinely difficult to draw comparisons with other bands (and almost as challenging to define the genre of the band). I hear Hendrix-like guitar lines, Chic disco-rhythm parts and some Zeppelin in the overall passion and raw feel of the production. These guys are a genuinely exciting prospect!’ -Down The Front Magazine. 

Spurred on by their reception the band are not aiming low ‘’we will be playing festivals next year. We’re hungry for all the exposure we can get and grateful for all that we’ve had.’’ James says ‘’we love playing live: The adrenaline, the feel of the audience being with us. There’s nothing else like it.’’ Aldo agrees: ‘’Look. There’s nothing we would rather be doing."

'All at the top of their game. A unique blend of excitement!’ 

-Rock Magazine