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Indie post-punk revivalists, Northern Light Exposure, formed in London in 2014. Inspired by the aurora borealis, their name aptly tags their atmospheric multi-layered post-rock, while their sound nods to their forefathers: the likes of the Doves, The Cure, Interpol and Editors.

The band first turned to producer Pat Collier - the mastermind behind the sound of so many of the bands that inspired them (The Sound, The Jesus & Marychain, House of Love) - to produce their first single 'Embers', describe as ‘the anthem to theses summer months’ by Evening Standard critic Fiona Mountford. Collier then went on to produce the bands debut EP 'An Honest Way of Living'. This work explored pacier, darker tones into their music in contrast to the sunnier sounds of 'Embers'. ‘An Honest Way Of Living’ was released in 2016, and the band took this on the road around the UK, notably supporting legendary post punk architects Chameleons Vox.

After being described as “one of the most exciting bands to emerge from south east London in recent months” (Alex Ross, promoter), they shifted from major to minor key and lead them to work with legendary producer Youth (aka Martin Glover) on their second forthcoming EP 'Parting Shot'. Recorded at Miloko's 'The Pool' studios, and mixed at Youth's own Prism Sound studios by Michael Rendall, the EP see's the powerhouse behind both Echo & the Bunnymen's 'Meteorites' and The Jesus and Mary Chain's 'Damage & Joy' albums. This EP defines the band's darker sounds, with droning guitars, pulsating synths, thunderous drums, whilst still retaining the icy guitar riffs, glowering basslines and the moody melodic baritone of Glen's melodies. Glen explains:"I realised when we were already a good way into making the record that these songs were really about me creating some form of distance from my past and coming to terms with things that are out of my control. It make's it sound like there's an underlying sombre tone, which I guess there is in parts, but we've done our best to make it uplifting at the same time". However, Andrew is keen to stress that it's not all gloom in NLE's world. The EP also reflects on the bands recent electronic direction. 'We dabbled with synths in part on the last record, but this time round we spent a lot more time with Youth crafting the right sounds which we're all pleased with.'

The HomeGrown

Alternative Acoustic Punk Rap Political band....imagine If Jamie T, The king blues, frank turner and rage against the machine all had Little brothers in a band who were baby sat by beans on toast with mike skinner as a God father.

Catchy choruses bookending jovial yet truthful and honest versus that comment on our current society.

The HomeGrown are a politically inspired band who’s sound combine singing and rap underpinned with melodic guitar chords, badass bass riffs and a bounce to beat. Formed in 2015 moving fluidly between a full band set up and a stripped back duet, we have given our own unique twist on what it means to be a punk in today’s climate.

We were most recently in the studio recording our EP ‘just another royal wedding’ which is avlaible on ITunes and Spotify. The EP features the tracks ‘some people’ - a song inspired by when Facebook blocked us sharing content from our page, but as a general protest to the lack of freedom of the press. Our second track ‘Broke in Britain’ is exactly what it is, with each verse spelling out the injustices in our day and age. Our third track ‘10,000 in Merthyr’ is a track dedicated to a small welsh town who adopted us after playing ‘Merthyr rising festival’. We played to a sum of 12 people the first time we ever went down, we wrote this song in jest at the situation, only to later find out that the rising that took place in Merthyr in the 19th century was backed by 10,000 men. Madness.

Finally we do have a feel good summer track on there called ‘Summer Song’ - this number is our slice of paradise to just forget the problems sometimes and just get out on the river and enjoy it, because it’s so much better when the suns out.

The video that we have uploaded is ‘porch light’, a song performed on our wonderful Nukulele (dropping truth bombs since 2015)

‘Not just a band... an experience’

‘He sings all lovely, and then He dives in and is, like, F**k you and F**k you’

‘You don’t need to be intoxicated to enjoy them, but it makes it a hell of a lot more fun’