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Raucous hot bother generated by drums, guitar, bass and lungs.

Pushing back against the notion of absolutes and a one size fits all miracle cure. Splitworms celebrate idiosyncrasies whilst simply relating their experience of being alive in the great acceleration.

Jon Moore - Drums, Charles Lake - Bass, Barry Straight - Guitar + Vox

Eastwards Eye

Alternative psychedelic Band formed in East Sussex UK

Inspirations: Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Daniel Johnston, Velvet Underground, Soft Machine, Pink Floyd and many more.


Dark yet catchy genre blending crossover rock/rap avant-garde with a theatrical twist.

Avant-garde Self taught art/music for my own personal therapy. create/wrIte/play/perForm all mY own material. free Artistic liCence & no boundARiEs