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From Limerick. Ireland.

Ronan Mitchell (vox)
Morgan Nolan (guitar / b. vox / keys)
Shane Serrano (drums / b. vox)
Manolis Pates (guitar / b. vox)
Kieran J. Sims (bass / b. vox)

“Majestic full-band rock with a distinct Irish touch.” – Nialler9

“A jaw-dropping album release … One of the finest Irish rock albums of the year” – The Irish Daily Mirror

“Oscillating between bluesy hymns dripping with bass lines and good old-fashioned rock’n’roll-around-in-the-mud, Fox Jaw are punchier and sassier than your grandma after several cheeky sherries … Fox Jaw represent the future of Ireland alternative rock bands.” – Itcher Magazine (UK)

“An exciting sound that’s unquestionably their own.” – Hotpress

“One listen to Fox Jaw’s second album and it’s impossible to figure out what genre they fall under … Therein lies the beauty of the Limerick quintet … Such inconsistency should be catastrophic, but Fox Jaw triumphantly embrace their weirdness” – The Irish Times

“Epic” – The Irish Star

“Solid songwriting with enough originality that puts them on the cusp of breaking … Fox Jaw are able to produce accessible rock songs that feel familiar while simultaneously finding their own signature sound … Highly recommended.” – The Equal Ground (USA)

“Songs that they can happily bring anywhere, and win audiences with ease … They’ve carved out a sound that stays away from anything else that’s around right now.” – Dan Hegarty / 2FM

Slackrr are one the most talked about bands in the UK underground circuit right now. Hailing from Southampton, the band have only been active for under a year and in that time they have taken some giant leaps forward into becoming a well-known and loved name across the UK underground. Even managing to secure their feel-good brand of Pop-Punk exclusive features in Discovered Magazine, Down The Front Media, On The House and Shout It Loud, as well as various positive reviews on a multitude of BBC Radio Shows across the country. All topped off with the continued praise from the team at Voice FM & and the exclusive premiere of this single via the Mike James Rock Show. They have already played countless shows across the UK with positive feedback coming out of their ears, including support slots with the likes of PKEW! PKEW! PKEW!, Homebound, Louise Distras, Miss Vincent and Ducking Punches – to name just a few. 

By anyone’s standards, what Slackrr have achieved through a completely DIY ethic is incredible in such a short amount of time. Now with the support of their friends at On the House and their dedicated fan base - they are ready to take the next step in showing the world what they are made of.

Marta is a fast-rising international sensation and fashion guru who has made a major splash in the music industry with her unique sound and vibrant

video content. Her debut single, “All About Us,” has received over 2.5 million 

views on YouTube and was featured in the critically-acclaimed mobile games Dancing Line and Piano Tiles 2, gaining more than one billion downloads by

users on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. “All About Us” hit No. 1 on the

Google Store country charts in Germany and No. 4 in Norway. The follow-up

single, “I Need A Love Story,” made its exclusive debut on Taste Of Country in • February. The video has already garnered more than 1.5 million views and it 

reached the No. 1 spot on Taste Of Country’s “Top 10” music videos in March. Marta recorded her first album,The Story, in 2017 at Blackbird Studios in Nashville with

the guidance of producer Bryan Clark. The young up-and-comer wrote or

co-wrote all nine tracks on the album