Saturday mean great live music and a great party atmosphere!

The Maritans

Jonah Rollason - Auryn Jones - Malik Faraj - Kai Hewlett

North London


Formed in 2017, Beezley are an indie-rock band who take influence from acts such as The Beatles, Oasis and The La's.

Second Self are an alternative quartet hailing from Cheltenham in the UK, currently booking gigs all around the country, EP1 is out now on all major platforms.

The Story..... Formed originally by bassist/renowned first name faker, Barny Barnfield and guitarist/Polish beard growing champion, Janek Davis, and joined shortly after by the best import since the Spanish Inquisition, drummer, Pablo Rodriguez, the trio began working on songs that were influenced by the bands' eclectic influences and styles. After several jam sessions, the band had a good batch of tunes ready to go but needed a vocalist to complete the lineup. A long search ensued, and eventually the guys were joined by cockney legend, Simon Bond, whose vocal lines complemented the bands’ sound perfectly. The band are working on prepping for their first EP and booking gigs, ready to bring their sound and give aural pleasure to the masses. Go and check SECOND SELF out live. You may start having a seizure due to the awesomeness you are witnessing, but it will be worth it. SECOND SELF are ready to bring their exciting new sound to the people!

Introducing Nectar - R&B, Soul, Jazz group based in London!

Nectar Woode - Vocals 

Guilherme Dornelas - Keyboard 

Hampus Backström - Guitar 

Charlie Tebbutt - Bass 

Alexandros Charalambous - Drums