The Primitive Club returns for it's 2nd club night event at the mighty Fiddlers Elbow in Camden Town. This time we present to you The Masonics , Thee Girl Fridays (Sco) and The Voo-Dooms all on the same bill ......and 2 top beat DJ's Spinout Shows very own 'Grimmers' and multi talented garage groove DJ C.K Smith '...........yes you heard me correct! bands and DJ's and a whole lotta Primitive Twist ......and it goes like this!!!!


MICK 'THE MILK' HAMPSHIRE: singing & 6-string guitar
BRUCE 'BASH' BRAND: traps & backing vocals
JOHN 'LARDY' GIBBS: bottom guitar & backing vocals

A 16-year search - during which Micky was mistakenly assumed to be missing, presumed unable to take the pace - yielded nothing. In short, they had no joy, neither on their home turf nor during a brief sojourn to western Europe. (Hence their anticipated presence in the Promised Land).

To lure their prey they hit on the ingenious plan of disguising themselves as a musical 'rock-group' (presently very popular among young folk we are led to believe).

Therefore, we urge all parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances and cohorts of any known (or not) unblemished no-tails, (irrespective of age, race, creed, cooking-ability etc.) to attend the soon to be announced Masonic gatherings, accompanied by same.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Thee Girl Fridays are four high-class, but suitably lo-fi dames based in Scotland's capital city. They've had the dance-floors twistin' and a shakin' at the world (in)famous Frankin Rock 'n' Roll Club, Beatsville, Blast-Off Festival and even King Salami's after-party!

Sassy singer Soo Kazooki, go-go guitarist Flangelina and beatnik bassist Ms. Sheringham-Boom are all proud graduates of the prestigious Edinburgh Girls Rock School. Whilst darling drummer Rotator Cuff has previously played with The Seafield Foxes and punk band Ugly Baby.

Certainly old enough to know better, Thee Girl Fridays play a mixture of girl-gang garage-punk and googly-goo-goo-good-time-Rock 'N' Roll with added twang - and that's not just from their guitars! They aim to bring big knickers back, you may even be lucky enough to catch a pair if you see them live!

The lords of all that is Doomy!

Mick Sgt Von Doom - Vocal/ Rhythm Guitar . Dave The Prince Of Doom - Drums/Screams. Kev C.K Doomsmith - Lead Guitar . Bruce Dr Voo - Bass Guitar !

So the story goes, Mick phoned Dave, “do ya wanna start a trash band?”, “yes”, replied “Dave. I have 5 songs, lets go”. So we did,

Mark who is an X-Man gave us a number, “Hello Kev Smith” said a very hopeful Mick, “do you wanna join our band?” ......”aye, why not” he replied.
Then came along top drum meister Bruce Brand .......”can you play Bass guitar?” .......yes/maybe/no/probably .....oh alright .......lets go!
So there you have it Doomers, 2018 brought many shows across the land and also our debut platter ‘Destination Doomsville’ saw the light of day .
Its a mad world out there so embrace the Doom (other bands are available”