You Break, You Buy
You Break, You Buy are an instrumental rock quartet based in London, UK. Like most people these days, they met through the Internet in the Autumn of 2012. After a few dates and some heavy petting they knew that a strong musical bond would be formed and set about writing a bunch of songs that would become their first EP, Happy Happenstance, released at the end of 2014. The EP was unanimously well received, garnering kind reviews from the likes of Fecking Bahamas and featuring on The Math-Rock News’ Winter ’14/15 compilation. Gigging, further writing of material and a few live video sessions have kept the band busy.

Math/Post-Rock band from London, UK
Codices: Plural of Codex
Blending the technicality of Math-Rock with the riffs and progression of Post-Rock.


ALT/Math rock from north London

Launched in 2018, ContraTelic are a 3-piece Alternative Rock band from Brighton who first became good friends at pre-school. Their songs combine both bright guitar melodies and bold choruses with an array of rhythmical patterns and polyrhythmic basslines, influenced by the likes of Biffy Clyro, Delta Sleep & Arcane Roots.