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Spectral Darkwave

Where would you like to go today? Darkest Egypt? War-torn Mars?

Formed in a trans-continental pact between twin brothers Steve and Dan Kennedy, the symphonic death metal of London based Spectral Darkwave captures epic fragments of horror from across time, space and the multiverse. Fusing the limitless possibilities outlined in early computer music, European and doom metal, the band’s grinding rhythms and twisted melodies deliver a crushing reminder of the depravities carried out in the name of human progress.

Using their mechanical creation ‘The Slavedriver’ (Strings/FX/Horror) to bring the full vision to existance and with hundreds of shows under their collective belt, Spectral Darkwave offer a live experience unmatched on the unsigned circuit - especially if the venue allows them use of the green, alchemical flame they pack in their flight cases. Their live show is not to be missed.

Estranger are an Experimental / Math-Rock Band based in London, influenced by horror, surrealism and other strangeness.

Members: Steve Theobald (Vocals, Guitar) Pete Radcliffe (Guitar, Vocals), Emanuele Buemi (Drums) and Daniel Nissenbaum (Bass)

We are Seek The Fallen, a Metalcore band from Cambridgeshire. Our debut album "The Perfect Storm" is out on all streaming sites and in our store now! 
Sam Morritt & David Bartolome - Vocals
Will Morritt - Bass
Will Howe - Guitar
Josh Crisp - Drums