Rock out and The Fidd’s. Pure class is on the bill for tonight. £5 on the door.

The Fabulous Micky C

The Fabulous Micky C is the best kept song-writing secret of his generation. He has written over 100 songs, 50 of which can be heard on his 3 albums to date – “Fallen From Grace”, “Rock n Roll Teeth” and the double album “Miracles and Shadows”.

Influenced by Dylan, Costello, Stax, Todd Rundgren, Little Richard, The Who, Ronnie Lane, Joni Mitchell, Howling Wolf and Irving Berlin amongst others, the song is the thing for TFMC.

"Miracles & Shadows" is now available on iTunes, Amazon Music, and the dreaded Spotify! Thanks to all involved in the making of this modern masterpiece/anomaly - a double album of new songs by The Fabulous Micky C. Enjoy!