Kicking off the week with an amazing line up of quality bands 7.30pm

Ooberfuse are a songwriting band composed of Hal St John and Cherrie Anderson. They are unafraid to deep-sea dive into the deepest oceans of human emotions to colour-up drab contemporary life. Their songs are audio footprints left behind by people impelled towards invisible things.
On what sets Ooberfuse apart from their peers, an influential UK music critic says: “Ethereal electronic pop with the complex beauty that Ooberfuse has will endure.” Well-crafted songs delivered through powerful, emotional and heartfelt vocals combined with east-meets-west electronic music are Ooberfuse’s trademarks.
One of Ooberfuse’s strengths is their live performance, having played hundreds of gigs all over the world. They are equally at home performing to an audience of 2 million in Madrid, to hundreds in one of Rio de Janeiro’s notorious favelas, or in front of the House of Lords in the UK.  They recently toured the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, China, India, Romania and Iraq.  They have graced the stage of some of Britain’s most prestigious venues – including the O2 in Greenwich, Leicester Square Theatre, Bush Hall and Trafalgar Square. 

Support for their music has come from Music Week - their recent album was cited as a key release for 2017, BBC Introducing, Rolling Stone India, Guardian Music, DJ Mag. 


Japanese Electronic Street Punk, Staight Edge / Rap / Punk / Computer game music

HAWXX are Anna, Hannah, Jess and Iman. We’re based in London and we’re into things like funny voices, feminism, booze, Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood and Skunk Anansie. 

HAWXX make music about getting sacked from your job, the deterioration of the NHS, how love can be a mighty bitch, and giving the finger to institutionalised religion.

As experienced session musicians and with Hannah’s background in engineering, we write, record and mix our own demos. We are currently gigging, building a presence and have an exciting EP waiting to drop. 

Expect phat grooves, catchy lyrics, soaring guitar riffs, intricate harmonies and walls of sound to break down barriers and bring people together.